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Customer Success Content Will Save Your SaaS

Posted by Christina Clemens

9/5/18 11:21 AM

All successful business owners know that the key to their success is due to the customer’s satisfaction. The customer always comes first. Being proactive about the customer’s needs by going out of your way to anticipate them will undoubtedly provide you with a satisfied and consistent customer base.

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Topics: Customer Success, SaaS Marketing Journey, SaaS Content Marketing

5 SaaS Startups Using Customer Success Content to Educate Current Customers

Posted by Christina Clemens

8/14/18 11:25 AM

Somewhere along the line, we lost the idea to “Give the people what they want!” As marketers and as startup founders, that idea has always been our guiding star. But along the way, that simple message tends to get diluted, becoming “Give the people what we think they want,” or even worse, “Give the people what will make us the most money.”

What happens all too easily is that the people don’t get what they want, or get what they want at first, then find themselves saddled with a version of your SaaS that doesn’t deliver what they need at all.

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Topics: Customer Success, startup, SaaS Growth, SaaS Content Marketing

Customer Success vs. Customer Service: What's The Difference?

Posted by Christina Clemens

5/26/17 4:00 PM

The long-term success of any business boils down to its relationship with customers. How your target audience sees your company and the value they prescribe to your product can greatly affect whether you can outshine your competition and gain market share. However, so much focus is placed on customer service that many businesses are missing out on perhaps an even more pivotal concept, namely that of customer success.

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Topics: Customer Success, SaaS Marketing Tips

Why Timing is Everything in the Customer Onboarding Process

Posted by Christina Clemens

6/21/16 9:15 AM

With everything vying for consumers’ attention nowadays, finding a way to get your target audience to take notice of your SaaS business over your competition is hard enough. However, that uphill battle really kicks into high gear once prospective customers enter the onboarding process.

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Topics: Customer Success, User Onboarding

Top SaaS Marketing Strategies For Scaling Your Company [eBook]

Posted by Katy Katz

3/17/16 5:00 AM

All marketing strategy should stem from a deep understanding of the values that are important to your ideal customer. But that is easier said than done.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Customer Success, SaaS Marketing, Churn, customer development, SaaS Marketing Tips, SaaS Ideas, SaaS Customer Cycle, SaaS Marketing Journey

The One Thing Fast-Growing Companies Do Best

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

3/4/16 3:13 PM

The new customer sales journey is a long and arduous road, requiring marketing for brand awareness, cultivating interest, and encouraging taking action. But the current customer sales journey? It’s like a quick trip down to the market to pick up a carton of milk – at least in comparison. Marketing Metrics estimates that the probability of selling to an existing customer is as high as 60 to 70 percent (whereas the probability of selling to a new prospect is between 5 and 20 percent). Customer Success capitalizes on this, and so do the fastest growing companies.

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Topics: Customer Success, NPS Score

Inbound Marketing Alone Isn’t Sufficient for SaaS Customer Success

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

2/18/16 8:21 AM

If you ask an inbound marketer, inbound marketing is not only the best thing since sliced bread – it’s the saving grace of marketing in general. Now, I will admit to having some bias towards Inbound. I think it works a helluva lot better for today’s customers who are becoming increasingly resistant to the “hard sell” tactics of outbound marketing.

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Topics: Customer Success

Two Mistakes I See SaaS Founders Make All The Time

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

2/16/16 7:14 AM

Software as a Service, and any subscription-based business model for that matter, relies on customers who stick with them. Attracting the “sticky” kind of customer is a science, some might even say an art. And the stakes for perfecting the acquisition of long-term, high-yield customers are high – they’ll make or break your business.

So why do I see SaaS founders making the same two mistakes over and over again? 

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Topics: Customer Success, customer development

Customer Success by the Numbers: Using Data to Predict the Future

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

2/4/16 8:24 AM

A little precognition is a handy skill to have – too bad it’s not readily available. What is available? Data. Lots and lots of data.

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Topics: Customer Success

The 4 Types of Churn, and Why Cancellation Isn’t One of Them

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

11/18/15 10:58 AM

This is an updated version of the original post that was published November 2015.

Churn is what you don’t want. It’s customers leaving you. Saying yes, then saying “Ah, changed my mind.” It’s the breakup we don’t see coming (if only we’d seen the signs sooner!), and it not only hurts our egos, it hurts our businesses.

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Topics: Customer Success, Churn, NoSaaSHoles

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