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Qualify Inbound Leads Faster and Save Your Sales Team Time

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

3/6/15 10:28 AM

Inbound marketing not only increases your leads – when done right, it also increases the quality of your leads. Ideally, your sales team should only be engaging with inbound leads who are warm and informed – and most importantly, qualified. The way we begin this process of separating the wheat from the chaff is to first hone in on what a “qualified” lead looks like for each of our clients.

What does a qualified lead look like?

Think of the leads you’ve had in the past year who were fully prepared to buy. What characteristics did they have in common? How do they find you? What social media are they on? What are their frequently-asked questions? The best answers will probably come from the men and women on the front lines: Your sales team.*

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Topics: Marketing Automation, Lead Quality, Sales & Marketing

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