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How to Leverage a Community to Boost Your Product

Posted by Mary Green

9/23/16 10:08 AM

If you walked by a group of people holding up signs that said “We Love Your Web Tools” would you stop and talk to them, or just keep walking?

In essence, when you are selling a web tool, or SaaS product, but browse past digital marketing communities, you are doing exactly this. It can’t make that much of a difference, can it? In short, YES, hell yes!

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Topics: blogging, Product Marketing, SaaS Leads

5 Super Sticky SaaS Companies to Copy

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

4/20/16 2:07 PM

Stickiness – you know it’s not just what your toddler leaves behind…well…everywhere. You even know that, at least when it comes to websites (and not your kitchen counter), it’s a good thing. Today, we’re going to talk about a different kind of sticky. This kind of sticky grabs hold, and you don’t want it to let go.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, Product Marketing

Why You Can’t Skip Steps When Working Toward Product-Market Fit

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

3/22/16 12:21 PM

Regardless of your experience level, putting together a new business venture is never an easy task. In fact, the road ahead is so uncertain, so perilous and so rife with challenges that even the most seasoned veterans might be tempted to take a shortcut in the early phases of developing a startup. After all, one step closer to market means one step closer to reaping the benefits of all your hard labor.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, Product Marketing, Product-Market Fit

Pre-Marketing SaaS Initiatives: Working Through Problem-Solution Fit [Free eBook]

Posted by Katy Katz

3/11/16 3:16 PM

There are about a thousand analogies for how important it is not to skip critical steps in a process. We all know that "You have to walk before you can run." And I love this German proverb, "What's the use of running if you're on the wrong road?" 

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, Product Marketing, SaaS Marketing Tips, Problem-Solution Fit

5 Ways an Agency Helps SaaS Companies Scale from Product-Market Fit

Posted by Emily Mouton

12/21/15 12:21 PM

Reaching product-market fit is no easy task for any SaaS product. If you’ve gotten this far, give yourself a high-five, thumbs up or pat on the SaaS for all your hard work. But the hard part is not over. Now that you have proven you have a service that offers value to people, it’s time to scale. At this point you have to decide if you are going to hire all the resources that you need to support growth on a large scale or if it’s time to call in the experts.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, Product Marketing

15 eBooks for validating, growing, and scaling your SaaS company.

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

10/15/15 11:32 AM

Here are 15 e-books for validating, growing, and scaling your SaaS company. Please post additional recommendations in the comments and I’ll consider adding them to the list.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, Product Marketing

Does Your SaaS Company Have a SaaSHole?

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

9/5/15 11:29 AM

What is a SaaSHole?

What is a SaaSHole anyway?  Let's start by defining this foreign term and uncover its origin.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, Churn, NoSaaSHoles, Product Marketing

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