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SaaS Growth Resources

Gain knowledge from eBooks. See how we have helped other with case studies. Calculate your growth with saas metrics calulators.


Strategic Marketing Tactics For SaaS Companies

There is no one-size-fits-all in business, especially when it comes to marketing, but these strategies are tried and true practices for SaaS that should always make the cut.

How to Align SaaS Content Marketing and Product Management

Transform Your Product Managers & Content Marketers into a Dynamic Duo for Retention & Growth for SaaS Companies.

Pre-Marketing SaaS Initiatives: Working Through Problem-Solution Fit

Before you can start marketing your product and scaling the business, you need to make sure that you’ve laid the proper foundation during problem-solution fit.

Understanding and Calculating Your SaaS Marketing Budget

Managing your marketing budget after obtaining product market fit important, with Inturact's informative eBook.

Whip Around Case Study

After 6 months Whip Around over doubled the customer base and MRR from $9k to $20k, while increasing organic traffic by 800% and established a scalable paid solution for predictable revenue.

SilverTrac Case Study

After 6 months Silvertrac Software increased their visitors by 483%, increased their leads by 629%, and grew their customer base by 12%.


Inturact's efforts led to an increase of 144.28% in lead quality while saving $8309.56 on ad spend, and EZTrackIt was still able to see an increase in the amount of accepted leads.

Convert Monthly Churn Rate to Annual Churn Rate

Did you know that 5% monthly churn equates to almost 46% annual churn? That’s a lot of lost customers! See what your monthly churn rate calculates to annually.

Calculate Your ARPA or ARPU

Determine your Annual Revenue Per Account, or Annual Revenue Per User, using our free calculator.


Calculate Your Customer Lifetime

Do you know your own customer lifetime period? 

Calculating the average number of years that the customer (or the average customer within that segment) will remain a customer of the firm/brand is one of the key components in calculating your customers LTV.

Calculate Your Customer Lifetime Value

Knowing your customer lifetime isn't enough. The value that comes along those customer's is also important. 

Calculate Your Months to Recover

Using your CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost) & ARPA, we can help you calculate your months to recover.

Calculate Your Customer Acquisition Cost

Know the cost of acquiring new customers can help you determine if the investment value of both your marketing, and sales tactics are effective.

Calculate Your CAC : LTV Ratio

Knowing your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) : LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) Ratio will help determine if you’re spending too much per customer or not spending enough on marketing.

Free AARRR Template

SaaS Actionable Metrics (AARRR): Tracking The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most