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Want Good Guest Blogging Karma?

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The Inturact blog attracts an engaged readership of marketing professionals and business owners looking for tips on:

  •        Inbound Marketing
  •        Content Marketing
  •        SaaS Marketing
  •        eCommerce
  •        SEO
  •        Growth Hacking

What will Guest Blogging do for you?

Guest blogging will:

  •        Increase your authority as a content writer
  •        Expand your professional reach to acquire new clients
  •        Open the door to more content writing opportunities 

When we publish your post, we will not only promote it on our own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages, we will also share it on:

You get maximum exposure!

As publishers and marketers, we want our blog audience to be happy, not sold-to. This is NOT an advertising opportunity or a chance to get cheap link bait. We believe quality content wins every time and we can't wait to hear what you have to say!  

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We’re also open to co-hosting Giveaways!

Our most recent SaaS Marketing GiveAway is a great example of how this works.  Email for more information on partnering with Inturact as a business to co-host a Giveaway.  

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