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Why Inturact & InnerTrends Are the Last SaaS Growth Partners You'll Ever Need

In 2024, the landscape of business growth has changed. Gone are the days when you could rely solely on marketing to solve all your growth challenges. To truly unlock your growth potential, you need a comprehensive approach that combines data-driven insights with strategic product implementation.

That's precisely what the Inturact-InnerTrends partnership offers. InnerTrends uncovers hidden growth opportunities in your product usage data, while Inturact transforms those insights into actionable strategies that drive results.

This isn't just another generic growth solution. We're talking about a tailor-made approach addressing your specific pain points and bottlenecks. By analyzing your data objectively and creating targeted playbooks, we help you optimize every aspect of your customer’s journey for sustainable growth.

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A Partnership Built on Symbiosis

Merely having access to data is not enough. A staggering 73% of companies fail to see any significant return on investment from their data initiatives (Forrester Research). This is where the Inturact-InnerTrends partnership comes in.



The Data Science Experts

InnerTrends specializes in uncovering actionable insights from even the most complex datasets. Their team of highly skilled data scientists and analysts employ cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning and predictive analytics to identify hidden patterns, user behaviors, and growth opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

By sending your product, sales, and marketing data to InnerTrends, you can expect to receive a comprehensive analysis within weeks, providing you with an unprecedented level of clarity and confidence into your decision-making process.


Strategy & Implementation Specialists

While data insights are crucial, they are only valuable when translated into action. This is where Inturact excels. Our team of seasoned strategists, designers, and developers work hand-in-hand with you to create targeted, customer-centric playbooks that address specific bottlenecks in your customer journey.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to your specific needs and goals. By leveraging the insights provided by InnerTrends, we can pinpoint the most critical areas for improvement and develop a comprehensive strategy to optimize your product and customer experience for maximum growth.

Matt Mireles, founder of Oasis AI, tells about the game changing relationship with Inturact.

Two Companies, One Mission

Inturact-InnerTrends partnership is built on a foundation of objectivity and integrity. By operating as separate entities, we ensure that our insights and recommendations are based solely on what's best for your business, not on any hidden agendas or preconceptions.


InnerTrends is fiercely independent in its data analysis. They have no stake in the outcome, other than uncovering the truth. They won't try to push a particular solution or confirm existing biases. Instead, they dive deep into your data with an open mind, letting the numbers speak for themselves. This unbiased approach is what allows them to uncover insights that others might miss.



Inturact, on the other hand, is all about turning those insights into action. But we don't just sell you a pre-packaged solution. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and goals and craft a strategy that's tailored specifically to your needs — Whether it's fixing your acquisition funnel or optimizing your onboarding process.

By separating the analysis from the strategy, we create a system of checks and balances. InnerTrends can deliver the unvarnished truth, without worrying about how it will affect the implementation. And Inturact can focus on executing the right strategy, without any pressure to conform to a particular narrative.


The Best Value for Your Investment

Do you unknowingly settle for the same old growth playbook, no matter your situation? Have you wasted time and money on strategies that sound good on paper but don't deliver real results? 

Let's face it: growth is expensive. But it doesn't have to be a gamble.

It's time to invest in a partnership that's built on objectivity, integrity, and a relentless focus on your success. Get access to two highly specialized teams for a value that's unbeatable in the market. Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

The biggest value of working with Inturact and InnerTrends is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're making informed, data-driven decisions. No more guessing games or shots in the dark. With our partnership, you can be confident that every step you take is backed by solid data and a proven strategy.

Our Model

Data as a service

Our partnership operates on a simple but effective model: InnerTrends conducts the data analysis, uncovering valuable insights from your product usage data. Together, we communicate these insights to you, ensuring clarity and alignment. Finally, Inturact steps in to help you take action on these insights. 


SaaS Growth Testimonials

Dan VivianPrincipal AE

"If you're looking for a partner to help grow your SaaS business it doesn't get better than Inturact. I've worked with them for 3 years and they're results driven, authentic and clearly experienced in a niche space that is tough to succeed in."


Claudiu Murariu
Claudiu MurariuCEO

"Working with the Inturact team has provided us a new perspective on our business and clarity on how to achieve our growth goals. Outside of leveraging their overall SaaS expertise, one of the things I truly appreciated was the fact that they took the time to deeply understand our business and customers, from the jobs they need to perform, to their personas, and complete buyers journey. No wonder that every thing they deliver is spot on!"


Alon RomCEO

"Being able to leverage off Inturact’s deep knowledge and experience in executing SaaS growth has provided a springboard to accelerate our business. Their skill set is extremely diverse - offering a turn key solution to strategy, data, marketing, design, copy, technical and operational execution. Our team have thoroughly enjoyed working with Trevor, Joshua and the rest of the team. We have grown immensely during our time together and look forward to continuing the journey."


Teresa DayVP of Marketing

"Inturact has been great to work with! We have a more technical product where bringing in outside marketing help is sometimes challenging. Trevor is so knowledgable across a broad set of tools and industries though, he grasped it right away. We have also enjoyed their approach to project management, which helps keep everything very organized. Would recommend them to any SaaS company looking for help!"


Geoff-RonningCo-Founder & CEO

"We worked with Inturact to help initially launch a new product in which we migrated legacy users successfully. Within these efforts we also had a new site designed and developed and began growth efforts. Within executing the growth efforts they helped build out our user onboarding process as well as all aspects of our customer engagement analytics. We now have a big picture of our business and finalizing the last legacy users onto our new platform. If you are looking for a true SaaS growth partner you should reach out to Inturact."