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Fire At Google Data Center: How Will The Heat Affect Saas Businesses

Posted by Priya Nain

8/12/22 10:05 AM

On the night of August 8th/9th, fire broke out at one of Google's key data centers in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The fire was later contained, but Google’s core offering — Google Search — was impacted the most and seems like it's yet to recover. 

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Topics: SaaS Marketing

How to Build a Growth-focused Marketing Strategy for SaaS

Posted by Hazel Raoult

8/10/22 4:21 AM

The SaaS ecosystem, on one hand, is flourishing with a CAGR of 27.5% for the period of 2021-2028. On the other hand, most startups are failing because of no market need, getting outcompeted, flawed business models, or not having the right team.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing

Tips and Tools to Help Your SaaS Product Sell Itself

Posted by Neelam Goswami

7/25/22 11:53 PM

B2B marketing isn't easy. Marketing your SaaS product to potential customers is all the more difficult because the value of the product is directly related to the user experience. But to get them to use the software, you need to gain their attention first. It's a vicious cycle and unless you are equipped for it, SaaS marketing can be a pain.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing

How SaaS Companies Should Be Using Google Ads? (Comprehensive Guide 2022)

Posted by Fahim Muntasir

7/18/22 2:32 AM

A well-organized promotional strategy is highly effective for your SaaS company.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing

SaaS Content Marketing Tips: How to Get the Most out of Your Blog

Posted by David Hehenberger

7/11/22 10:21 AM

Content plays an important role in increasing brand awareness, boosting website traffic, and generating new business opportunities.

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Topics: SaaS Content Marketing

SaaS Busters: ACV (Annual Contract Value) vs ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

6/30/22 8:00 PM

After commenting on a post by SaaSMetrics, I realized how much confusion and mixed definitions there are on the difference between ACV (Annual Contract Value) and ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), which prompted me to think -- "I need to research this a bit more". I want to breakdown my explanation and findings, and define where confusion currently exists.

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Topics: Analytics, SaaS Metrics, ACV (Annual Contract Value), ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

Why Many SaaS Product Launch Strategies Fail and What You Can Do To Avoid It

Posted by Sakshi Jha

6/13/22 1:02 AM

Thinking about Launching your first/next SaaS Product? Are you noting down all the features, benefits, and transformations of your SaaS product without actually looking at the DO’S and the DON'TS when it comes to your SaaS Product Launch Strategy?

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Topics: Why SaaS product launch strategies fail

5 Best Practices to Boost Customer Loyalty for SaaS

Posted by Philipp Wolf

3/2/22 8:16 AM

Loyalty is hard to come by in an increasingly competitive SaaS market.

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Topics: customer loyalty for saas

SaaS Vs Traditional Marketing Agency - Which is Better for Your Business?

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

2/28/22 12:46 AM

If you had a toothache, would you prefer to see a general physician or the dentist?

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Topics: SaaS marketing company, traditional marketing company

Top 10 Marketing Agencies For Your SaaS Business

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

2/11/22 11:35 AM

SaaS has become the golden goose that every entrepreneur is seeking. That’s why 80% of the businesses are planning to switch to SaaS in the year 2022.

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