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Laser-Focused B2B SaaS User Onboarding For  Marketers & Founders

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

4/26/18 10:58 AM

I recently did a 30-minute workshop for Forget The Funnel on creating better user onboarding that focuses highly on your customer and their desired outcome. I wanted to highlight the most important areas here.

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Topics: User Onboarding

Why Timing is Everything in the Customer Onboarding Process

Posted by Christina Clemens

6/21/16 9:15 AM

With everything vying for consumers’ attention nowadays, finding a way to get your target audience to take notice of your SaaS business over your competition is hard enough. However, that uphill battle really kicks into high gear once prospective customers enter the onboarding process.

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Topics: Customer Success, User Onboarding

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