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The State of SaaS Amid Covid-19

Posted by Joshua Waldman

5/12/20 5:51 PM

It’s no surprise to those familiar with Cloud computing; it has saved all of our butts. After all, what would we have done once the shelter-in-place order was issued if companies were still using email for collaboration and Microsoft office documents.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, SaaS Growth, Retention, SaaS Acquisition

SaaS Actionable Metrics (AARRR): Tracking The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

2/1/19 12:28 PM

Actionable Metrics Canvas by Inturact is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Whether you are just starting your business or working on scaling, growing your customer base is essential to the success of any SaaS business. One of the most important places to start is by tracking the SaaS metrics that matter most. The simplest and most effective model for this is called Actionable Metrics or AARRR.

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Topics: Analytics, Marketing Strategy, Acquisitions, Retention, Monetization, Team Alignment

Top 7 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

9/19/18 11:20 AM

You know that content is king for creating a loyal and engaged customer base. But businesses sometimes find that content marketing is just as challenging as marketing the product that the content is designed to sell.

Content marketing should seamlessly drive customers to the product or service you're selling, not become just another source of stress for your business. Simply devising a content marketing strategy isn't sufficient to get your brand off the ground. If your strategy isn't working, you're probably making one of these seven common mistakes.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, SaaS Content Marketing

Why Your SaaS Marketing Strategy Should Include Great Design

Posted by Grant Hatfield

12/15/16 4:05 PM

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Apple products look great, whether you are a fan of them or not. Their prices are much higher than the competition, but their design, and simplistic perfection, is something that is hard to ignore.

On top of that, their packaging and presentation is keen on detail just the same. When you open a new Macbook or iPhone, feelings of excitement like those of your first Christmas as a kid come out from hiding for just a moment as you take apart and examine each new part.

Just based on the packaging alone, it adds to the excitement of turning the device on the first time. These feelings you have in relation to the product are something the design and packaging are achieving even before you have started using the product.

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Topics: Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Product Development, SaaS Marketing Tips

The Necessary Steps Towards Creating a Valuable Value Prop

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

11/22/16 12:32 PM

Regardless of what business you may be in, the increasingly crowded marketplace means that it’s more invaluable than ever before to find ways to distinguish your company from your competition. Thanks to modern technology, consumers are savvier than in the past and are prone to conducting detailed research regarding their purchase options.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Content, Inbound

Does your SaaS Conversion Funnel have a Leak?

Posted by Grant Hatfield

9/1/16 12:04 PM

For so many businesses, the conversion process largely remains a mystery -- especially if there are multiple routes for a prospective customer to take: free trial, demo, phone call, whitepaper; the list gets complicated, quickly. Rather than investing in answers to address why leads aren’t enticed to become customers, companies often persist with the same infrastructure, hoping that the sales will eventually come. Or worse yet, they pump a bunch of money into an unproven process and don’t glean the results they were hoping for.

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Topics: Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Conversion, Marketing Strategy

Guide To Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile, Value Prop and Final Messaging For Your SaaS Business

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

6/13/16 1:04 PM

Starting a SaaS business involves many aspects and a large to-do list. However, one piece that is often overlooked, which also is the most important step in getting your marketing right, is proper messaging of the value of your product provides to your customers. This also is important in all aspects of the business from sales and product to support. This involves understanding your ideal customer and how to focus your messaging efforts.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Why Customers Should Be at the Center of ALL SaaS Content Marketing

Posted by Katy Katz

4/25/16 11:23 AM

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a founder is to assume your website is about your business.

Crazy, right?

Your website, which was designed to bring in customers for your company, is not at its core about you. It is in fact about them - the most important “them” of all - your customers.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Planning an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Katy Katz

4/6/16 10:44 AM

Imagine if you went to your local car dealership to purchase a car and the salesman said you had to pay up front, but you couldn’t start using the car for three months, or even six months. You would probably laugh in their face.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, SaaS Marketing Tips, startup

How to Use SlideShare: The Marketing Sleeping Giant

Posted by Christina Clemens

11/6/15 9:30 AM

Which digital sharing platform is made from the stuff of marketers’ dreams? If you guessed SlideShare, you’re a winner.

This sleeping giant is only beginning to wake up and take on the marketing world with its full potential. If you're wondering how to use SlideShare for your marketing efforts, you've come to the right place. You can use this versatile platform beyond sharing slides and slide decks. While that in itself is pretty exciting, the actual benefits go much deeper. 

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Topics: Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy

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