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Trevor Hatfield11/22/16 12:32 PM4 min read

The Necessary Steps Towards Creating a Valuable Value Prop

The-Necessary-Steps-Towards-Creating-a-Valuable-Value-Prop-Blog-IMG.pngRegardless of what business you may be in, the increasingly crowded marketplace means that it’s more invaluable than ever before to find ways to distinguish your company from your competition. Thanks to modern technology, consumers are savvier than in the past and are prone to conducting detailed research regarding their purchase options.

Without a strong value proposition at your fingertips, your business is liable to sink among your more vigorous counterparts. But what is a value proposition, and why should you devote such resources to developing one for your business? We’ll get to those questions and more in just a moment, giving you the tools you need to take your company to the next level. First, let’s review the fundamentals.

What Is a Value Proposition?

Quite simply, a value proposition is a “business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service.” It is the distinctive quality that has helped Apple stand out among its competitors, Amazon emerge as the world’s top online retailer, and Starbucks establish itself as such a powerful global brand.

Each product or service should be accompanied by specific messaging emphasizing the problem-solving qualities it brings into the lives of customers. However, the power that a strong value proposition adds to a business doesn’t end there.

Why Do I Need a Value Proposition?

Without a clear idea of what a company stands for, consumers aren’t likely to give your business a chance. After all, human nature typically sees individuals gravitate toward familiarity. Anyone on the market for a product like yours probably won’t bother giving your business a second thought unless they have some data to tap into regarding the quality and reputation of your company.

People need reassurance that your product will address their specific need, and a value proposition can guide your marketing efforts to target this group directly and gain headway within your industry.

A clear, focused value proposition can inspire consumers’ purchase decisions and steer them in your direction. With no knowledge of your company, there’s no good reason for them to care, as blunt as that may be. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your product needs to be the best in every way, though shooting for perfection is never a wholly bad goal.

Rather, your business needs to hone in on a distinctive benefit or way in which your product surpasses its counterparts in the business landscape. Clarity in your message is the first step in creating a formidable footprint in your industry.

What do I need to create an effective value proposition?

When it comes to creating a strong value proposition, you need to carefully consider the four primary components of any value proposition: service, quality, image and price. Based on the kind of customers you’re looking to attract and, of course, the specific product you’re looking to focus on, you’re likely to hone in on one (or, in some cases, two) of these four as the foundation for your own value proposition.

From there, you can isolate where the perceived value in your business lies and what tenets will serve as the basis of your developing business philosophy. This conclusion will make subsequent strategic decisions that much easier and set the stage for the hopeful boost in business performance.

The world is littered with countless examples of strong value propositions that emphasize quality of service (Apple) or a specific image (Starbucks). As you journey to establish yours, be sure to maintain clarity throughout, as even the most impressive value propositions will fall flat if the message is muddled.

Help the customer understand exactly what your product or service is offering and what benefits they can expect when they opt for your option over your competitors’. Unsubstantiated claims (“it’s the best!”) won’t cut it. Craft a distinct vision of your product and, by extension, your company as a whole.

Value Comes First

While a strong value proposition alone won’t guarantee that your business will be a success, having one in place will go a long way towards boosting your appeal in the eyes of an increasingly discerning public. Don’t let your competition gain momentum while you struggle to figure out the true value inherent in what your company brings to the table.

The sooner you nail down a powerful message to ground your value proposition, the greater chance you have to reach more customers and prove exactly why your product is the best out there. You owe it to your business to put the utmost effort in illustrating what makes your mission special.

For more information on how to create a winning value proposition, check out our guide on effectively building your company’s messaging.

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Trevor Hatfield

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