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2017 SaaS Marketing Predictions

Posted by Mary Green

12/21/16 4:49 PM

As the owner or marketer of a SaaS product, you have to stay on top of the latest marketing trends to make sure you are prepared to beat competitors and get a decent sliver of that B2B exposure.

So let’s discuss what SaaS companies need for marketing in 2017.

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Topics: SaaS Marketing, SaaS Trends

Clouds, Unicorns, and Other Fairytales: A Whirlwind Brief History of SaaS

Posted by Grant Hatfield

11/29/16 9:00 AM

Don’t worry about software cluttering your computer anymore. We’re just going to have it floating up in a cloud until you want to use it. Yes, that’s right. In a cloud. Just say the word when you need access and we will jump on our magic carpet and go grab it for you. No, but really.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, SaaS Trends

SaaS Trends to Watch in 2023

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

1/27/16 9:11 AM

Where is SaaS heading in 2023? While there’s no app, platform, or data crunch that can give us a totally accurate read on the next twelve months, we’ve got the next best thing: sharp insights from some of the most respected minds in the industry. When it comes to trends, it’s better to join them, then beat them (and not the other way around), so listen up and let the trendsetting begin.

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Topics: SaaS Trends

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