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The LinkedIn Guide to Lead Generation

Posted by Dan Virgillito

2/24/15 1:20 PM

SaaS marketers constantly search for new clients who can benefit from their services. Their pursuit begins with lead generation, which is understandable. Without leads, there’s no sale, no revenue, no nothing.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation

How to Rock Lead Generation for Real Estate

Posted by Brie Rangel

2/6/15 3:27 PM

Image © by Grant Hatfield

According to Zillow, 2015 will mark the year Millennials overtake Generation X as the largest group of homebuyers.

While they may have held off in years past to get their finances in order, the increased production of affordable new builds, skyrocketing rental rates and leveling interest rates give Millennials an opportunity to break into the housing market. If you are interested in attracting this new generation of buyers, you may need to take look at how you are selling yourself – because what worked with their parents DOES NOT WORK with them! It's Lead Generation for the Millennial Generation.

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Topics: Lead Generation

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