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How to Rock Lead Generation for Real Estate

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How to Rock Lead Generation for Real Estate

Posted by Brie Rangel

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2/6/15 3:27 PM | Comments

RealEstatesImage © by Grant Hatfield

According to Zillow, 2015 will mark the year Millennials overtake Generation X as the largest group of homebuyers.

While they may have held off in years past to get their finances in order, the increased production of affordable new builds, skyrocketing rental rates and leveling interest rates give Millennials an opportunity to break into the housing market. If you are interested in attracting this new generation of buyers, you may need to take look at how you are selling yourself – because what worked with their parents DOES NOT WORK with them! It's Lead Generation for the Millennial Generation.

Build Your Foundation

Although it could be said for most homebuyers, the first place Millennials look for information is the web. To increase lead generation, you need to build a solid foundation, which includes a responsive, clean website with a functional contact form and completed social profiles.

Your website is a reflection of your brand, a.k.a you. You only get one first impression – don’t chase prospects away from something as simple as your website. Work with a designer or agency that can capture your style and translate it into a beautiful website. A responsive website allows your site to be viewed on any size screen without negatively impacting your visitors’ experience, something particularly important to younger buyers.

Also keep in mind the main goal of your website – to attract new business opportunities. Make sure you have a clear way to get in touch with you, and allow for both phone/text and email communication.

In addition to checking out your website, Millennials will also scope out any social profiles you have. Websites are great for disseminating information. Social media is about conversations and real time information. Have your past clients thanked you openly on Facebook? Do you post pictures of homes you’ve sold? Do you share helpful tips?

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Market

That leads us right into what you can do to show you are credible and a good resource, especially for first-time homebuyers. Social media sites and real estate sites like Zillow or City-Data are excellent places to share your expertise and brand yourself as really knowing your stuff.

Create a reminder to share one helpful article a day on your social networks or to go on forums to answer local questions. Forums are indexed by search engines, so anything you share could be found even months later when someone asks the same question, leading them right to you for answers.

Attract Qualified Buyers

You can bring people to your website without spending a penny on advertising. Creating helpful, relevant content on your blog that search engines can pick up is another simple way to bring interested prospects to you.

As a realtor, you know when someone is just starting the process vs. someone who is ready to look for a home tomorrow. Build simple resources buyers of all stages can appreciate. For example, someone just starting their journey might benefit from reading a short piece outlining the home buying process in general, with expert tips from you. By providing the resource, you set yourself up even more as an expert, but also brand yourself as helpful and someone Millennials would want to align themselves with in their first-time buying experience.

These quick tips just scratch the surface of what you can do to attract qualified Millennial buyers. To learn more about how inbound marketing can help your real estate business, subscribe to email updates!

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