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Customer Success Creates Revenue That Won’t Quit

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

10/22/15 10:00 AM

“We’ve got Customer Service already. Why should we invest in Customer Success?”

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Topics: Customer Success, SaaS Marketing

Customer Success and The Age of the Customer

Posted by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

10/1/15 11:15 AM

Traditional sales channels are failing and even the efficacy of email marketing is in question. And yet, companies are springing up and growing like wildflowers after a spring rain. What’s their secret?

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Topics: Customer Success, SaaS Marketing

SaaS Marketing: Personify Your Product to Know Your Customers

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

5/5/15 2:06 PM

If SaaS products were humans, everything would make much more sense as to why your customer churned or why they may never have converted in the first place.

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Topics: Customer Success, Cost to Acquire Customers (CAC), Buyer Persona, SaaS Marketing

How to Balance Automated Marketing with the Human Element

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

12/13/14 10:06 AM

Inbound Marketing is all about building relationships – really! That's what we’re doing right now by publishing helpful articles and Tweeting daily awesome insights for your reading pleasure. It turns out that being friendly online isn't just good karma, it's good marketing. Do good work, treat people well, help when you can, and be likeable. Sustainable sales can be as simple as that.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Success, Buyer Persona

Why Buyer Personas are Key to SaaS Marketing Success

Posted by Brie Rangel

10/29/14 11:54 AM

What & Why?

A buyer persona is a fictional representative of your ideal customer. Buyer personas go beyond demographic information and are meant to help you develop a full understanding of who is buying your product. If you know who is buying your product, you’ll know how to sell it to them in a way that’s meaningful and relevant.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Customer Success, Buyer Persona, SaaS Marketing

For Everything Churn, Churn, Churn

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

10/20/14 3:44 PM

What is Churn and why is it killing your business? If you’re hiring an inbound marketing company to stoke the fires of your SaaS product or subscription service, you’ll hear a lot about churn. It’s a metric that represents the number of customers who disappear off the face of the planet, get abducted by aliens, are swallowed by the earth, and are otherwise inactive for a given time period. 

Churn, simply put, sucks.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics, Customer Success, SaaS Marketing, Churn

Customer Success: What it Means, and Why it’s the Next Big Thing

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

8/12/14 9:50 AM

The “Next Big Thing” in online marketing is something that’s been here all along, though it has gained a shiny new name to reflect its increased emphasis. No, it’s not Customer Service, or Customer Support re-vamped. It’s what the best companies have always done: delighting customers.

When is the last time you felt delighted by a company?

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Topics: Customer Success

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