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Growth Hacking: The ModCloth Model

Posted by Christina Clemens

5/7/15 10:43 AM

If you study e-commerce growth like we do, you can’t ignore ModCloth – they do everything right. Starting out in the Carnegie Mellon dorm room of founder Susan Koger, this vintage clothing business grew from collecting thrift store finds to a 100-million-dollar online business. If you’re wondering how Susan and her husband Eric did it – you’re not alone! 

Most of their growth hacking techniques are related to principles around inbound marketing. Inbound marketing refers to the efforts of producing quality content and using methods that attract prospective customers to a company or product versus outwardly approaching them. On the contrary to traditional marketing efforts, inbound focuses on aligning your content with customer’s needs and interests. (Click to Tweet!) There are many takeaways that we can learn from ModCloth’s growth hacking. We’ll look at their website to see how you can take on a similar approach with your inbound marketing efforts.

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Topics: Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, E-Commerce

Tap into the Power of Instant Decision-Making with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

3/13/15 4:39 PM

Picture this: Your daughter finally brings home her new boyfriend Jimmy, and whether it’s his greasy hair or his limp-fish handshake, you don’t like him. Instantly.

Now, you don’t know Jimmy’s GPA or that he spends every weekend volunteering at the local animal shelter – in fact, there’s a lot you don’t know. But, you feel your assessment is solid (and it probably is). That’s because people make shortcuts all the time when making decisions. We use “Rules of Thumb,” gut instincts, and intuition to make decisions all day long.

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Topics: Conversion Rate Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Lead Conversion, Sales & Marketing

Leverage a Little Content for Big Impact: Content Marketing Made Simple

Posted by Leah Faul

3/10/15 2:15 PM

If you’ve spent one hour or ten hours creating a piece of content, then here’s the Golden Rule: Spend at least that same amount of time promoting it! What’s the point of creating great content if you’re not sure how your audience will find it? This isn’t Field of Dreams here people – if you build it, they will come – but only when you point them in the right direction!

Inbound marketing, the art of helping your ideal customers to find you through content, depends on two primary components:

  1. Genuinely useful content
  2. Promoting the heck out of it

Sure, it’s more complicated than that, with buyer personas and sales funnels and metrics. But without this foundation, you won’t get very far. Many businesses don’t have a staff writer (which this writer thinks is a shame!) and don’t have much time to create content. If you can create just two original, great pieces of content per month – you can leverage them for more page views and more leads. Here's how.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing

The TMI on UTM's: How To Prove ROI with UTM Tracking Codes

Posted by Brie Rangel

3/3/15 10:00 AM

It’s no secret that inbound marketing has spread like wildfire across B2C and B2B companies. For 2015, more than 5 times as many marketers report higher inbound marketing budgets than budget cuts, proof of inbound marketing successes in 2014. (source: https://library.hubspot.com/state-of-inbound-sales-2014-2015)

As a marketer, it’s imperative to be able to show the correlation between your efforts and the bottom line.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics, Marketing Strategy

3 Reasons Why Having Multiple Sites is Killing Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

1/26/15 12:21 PM

I often come across new clients who have paid a web developer to create multiple sites under multiple domain names. In fact we recently started on a local Houston inbound marketing strategy for a client and came across this same issue. We won’t mention any names, but for this example, let’s say the client’s business name is J. Smith Architects. They do architectural work in Houston and have 3 main websites on three domains:

  1. JSmithArchitects.com
  2. NorthHoustonArchitects.com
  3. BayouCityArchitects.com
    (For those of you who don’t know, one of Houston’s nicknames is Bayou City)

They also have 5 other domains that are set to redirect to one of the 3 domains. The intentions behind multiple websites are great and actually very common. Many people believe the advantages of multiple sites are more keywords for better rankings, more domains for a better chance to be ranking higher, and a "the more the merrier" mentality that more sites will make their online presence greater. So, it makes sense that the thought of having multiple sites provides some sort of search engine indexing advantage for better rankings and to ultimately be found more online.

However, this is not the case. In fact, having multiple websites can be the downfall of your online presence. Here’s why:
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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Buyer Persona, Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Web Development

How to Create a Complete Inbound Marketing Plan

Posted by Brie Rangel

1/19/15 10:15 AM

Is mastering inbound marketing on your 2015 to do list? That’s great news! You understand that buyer behavior has changed and the way people respond to traditional tactics isn’t what it used to be. Transitioning to inbound marketing can mend your marketing and sales strategies, ultimately producing more leads at a lower cost per lead (but you already know that). Here's what you don't know.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics, Content Marketing, Buyer Persona, Reporting, Marketing Strategy

How to Set Attainable Online Marketing Goals (SMART Goals)

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

1/12/15 12:18 PM

It's a new year with new goals! At Inturact, we take a cue from our HubSpot colleagues and make "SMART" goals for ourselves. I know, acrostics are so... elementary school? But, this one is a good reminder of what's really important in actionable goal setting. So what does SMART stand for?

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics, Marketing Goals

How to Balance Automated Marketing with the Human Element

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

12/13/14 10:06 AM

Inbound Marketing is all about building relationships – really! That's what we’re doing right now by publishing helpful articles and Tweeting daily awesome insights for your reading pleasure. It turns out that being friendly online isn't just good karma, it's good marketing. Do good work, treat people well, help when you can, and be likeable. Sustainable sales can be as simple as that.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Success, Buyer Persona

SaaS Marketing: Investing in SEO or Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Brie Rangel

11/21/14 10:52 AM

You may have seen the headlines spouting that SEO is dead. Gone. Kaput. But is it really? Yes and No. Let's take a step back into what SEO was, where it is now, and how inbound marketing plays its role in your SaaS marketing strategy.

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Topics: Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Buyer Persona, SaaS Marketing

Why Buyer Personas are Key to SaaS Marketing Success

Posted by Brie Rangel

10/29/14 11:54 AM

What & Why?

A buyer persona is a fictional representative of your ideal customer. Buyer personas go beyond demographic information and are meant to help you develop a full understanding of who is buying your product. If you know who is buying your product, you’ll know how to sell it to them in a way that’s meaningful and relevant.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Customer Success, Buyer Persona, SaaS Marketing

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