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What Do You Need More? Email Marketing or Marketing Automation?

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

10/21/14 10:31 AM

Email marketing and marketing automation are connected, like Tiger Woods and his golf club. Now, Tiger Woods could probably use a pool cue to hit a golf ball and do better than most of us, but having the right tool for the job does make a substantial difference – even to his game. To be clear, in this metaphor, Tiger is Email Marketing, and his golf club is Marketing Automation. For great Email Marketing to make those hole-in-one shots, it needs the right tool to get the ball on the green.* The two combined is a powerfully rewarding combination.

*Your customers are the little spiky bits of grass on the green.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

For Everything Churn, Churn, Churn

Posted by Lauren Van Mullem

10/20/14 3:44 PM

What is Churn and why is it killing your business? If you’re hiring an inbound marketing company to stoke the fires of your SaaS product or subscription service, you’ll hear a lot about churn. It’s a metric that represents the number of customers who disappear off the face of the planet, get abducted by aliens, are swallowed by the earth, and are otherwise inactive for a given time period. 

Churn, simply put, sucks.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics, Customer Success, SaaS Marketing, Churn

SaaS - Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Brie Rangel

10/6/14 9:20 AM

Don't waste money chasing customers when they can strategically come to you.

It’s no secret there is a direct correlation between the number of sales qualified leads passed to your sales team and the amount of closed sales. The key is “sales qualified,” so how to you attract the right leads to your SaaS product and push them down the sales funnel at a lower cost per customer? One answer is inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the strategic approach to delivering quality content to the right people at the right time. Rather than blast a message to a target audience and cross your fingers that they will just happen to be at the beginning of their purchase cycle, inbound marketing is the science of bringing qualified buyers to you. By offering content that aligns with their purchase decision phases, you position yourself as the expert and go-to source when they’re ready to buy.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Cost to Acquire Customers (CAC), SaaS Marketing

An Old Tool From Google (To Help Forecast Your Market)

Posted by Derek Clark

9/23/14 9:38 AM

(Re-)introducing Google Trends

Markets are always moving.  Some market trends are easily recognized, such as growth or decline tied to a time of the year (consider, for example, the market trend for a costume retailer – October would certainly be a hot month).  Having knowledge of predictable market trends can help inbound marketing agencies and marketers stay insulated from risk, but what about trends without obvious origins?  A clever explanation about how an unusually cold winter (that affected buyer confidence in a related market) might actually be true, but it’s only as true as your ability to persuade your client (and arguably, yourself).  Having data is a good start.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics

3 Practical Reasons Why We Blog - and You Should Too, Maybe

Posted by Trevor Hatfield

8/19/14 6:30 PM

What can blogging do for your business? Why do Inbound Marketers always include blogging in their growth strategies?

Here’s the real deal on why we blog. 

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing

This Insane Headline is 1 of 6 Takeaways from a KISSmetrics Webinar

Posted by Rachel Ergo

3/20/14 4:10 PM

Last week, the Inturact team spent our lunch-and-learn on a webinar presented by KISSmetrics on "Growing Your Business With Inbound Marketing." The event was a brilliant introduction to one of our all-time, most favorite activities: Growing businesses online. But those KISSmetrics peeps have a way with words, so in addition to the elements of a great headline, we’d like to share 5 quotes and summaries that made our list of top take aways with you.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

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