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Samantha Cuellar6/2/15 10:41 AM3 min read

Reverse Image Search for Content Developers & Business Owners


What, you haven’t heard of Reverse Image Searching? Do you live in a cave? (If you do live in a cave, we think that’s really cool and would like to visit). Here’s a primer: Reverse image searching allows you to upload an image or insert a link to a picture and find out where else that image pops up. You can track the origin of a photo, find product names, or even locate recipes (handy when someone posts a mouthwatering picture on Pinterest with no mention of ingredients!). Some of the best reverse image searching Apps in the market include:

Each of these Apps has unique features and benefits that will make your reverse image search a success.

To use TinEye, you have to ensure that the pictures you have uploaded do not exceed 1MB. This App is effective when you want to trace the illegal use of stolen or copyrighted images. (Click to Tweet!)

Google Images is also ideal since it contains the largest database as compared to other sites and uses algorithms dependent on size, color, shape, and resolution. (Click to Tweet!)

The Image Raider is also a useful tool in that it allows users to upload many images at once and hence saves you time. (Click to Tweet!)

On the other hand, Yandex and Multi-Service Image Search can allow you to upload images in different formats like JPG, GIF and JPEG. (Click to Tweet!)


Photographers & Designers

Photographers and designers who may want to track whether their pictures are being used without their consent can also benefit immensely from reverse image searching engines and more so the Image Raider App.

Web Content Developers

For web content developers, reverse image searching has an even handier application: It helps us not get sued. The laws governing the internet use and copyright issues in some states stipulate that you are liable even if you uploaded it accidentally, resize it, or take it down after getting a warning to do so. Sometimes, even if you think the image you found on Flickr is free to use under their Terms of Agreement, the real legal owner of the photo is out there, angry, and ready to pounce (using reverse image searching themselves to find you). Instances like this are best avoided.

Business Owners

Business owners and marketing teams can use reverse image searching, too. Not only can you find spam websites that steal your content (and risk your reputation with Google by posting duplicate pages), you can find out who’s promoting you without your knowledge. If you produce an infographic, for example, some bloggers might republish it without letting you know. That is fine – that is good, in fact – because they’re promoting your work for free! However, only if they give you credit.

Publishers & Journalists 

Publishers or journalists can also use the tools to find similar images for illustrating their stories. This works great when you’re creating multiple images for the same topic and you want to get creative.

Content Marketing Tips:

  1. When you find someone reusing your image, send him or her a friendly (emphasis on FRIENDLY) email offering your permission if they give you credit with a link. That builds link-juice for you, boosting your search rankings, and makes the internet a better place. Most people infringing on your copyright aren’t doing it on purpose. They’d love to give credit where it’s due.
  2. You can use reverse image searches for many personal projects as well – like Google-stalking an online dating prospect or finding that gorgeous chair you saw on Pinterest.  You may also use it to find out more information about something, quell some rumors on the social media or establish their credibility. We just thought that it’s a tool you should know about – however you’d like to use it.
  3. So what images are you going to start reverse searching for? Here's a good place to start: Plan your SMART marketing goals so you can strategize what content you want to create and hence, you'll have a better idea on what images you want to look for. Here's a free template to get you started!

SMART Marketing Goals Worksheet Download


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