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Best Instagram growth services
Joyce8/19/22 3:20 AM11 min read

9 Best Instagram Growth Services To Engage Followers


When you use Instagram for business, it’s no secret that your followers are crucial to your success. After all, if you don’t have enough followers (or you aren’t consistently growing your following), you won’t have anyone to promote your business to, and that’s the point of Instagram for business. The good news is, even if you don’t have hours and hours to spend actively recruiting new followers, you can work with an Instagram growth service to automate your follower growth.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an Instagram growth service, though. Some means of purchasing followers can be pretty sketchy, so you want to make sure you’re working with a reputable company. In this article, we’ll analyze 9 different growth services so you can get a head start on your research.

9 Best Instagram Growth Services

Let’s take a close look at the top 9 Instagram growth services that you can use to attract more and engage your existing followers.

1. Kicksta - Best Overall

Kicksta is an AI-powered Instagram growth service that automates engagement marketing. Engagement marketing involves interacting with your potential followers so they know your brand exists. In Kicksta’s case, they’ll like a photo or two on your ideal followers’ pages, and then the rest is up to the individual. They have to make the decision on their own to come check out your page, decide if they’re interested in what you have to offer, and then choose to follow you.

With Kicksta, you won’t get ghost followers or bot accounts that’ll just drive up your follower count without actually improving your engagement rate or eventually becoming customers. When you use Kicksta, you provide a few target profiles. Now, these targets are accounts whose followers are similar to the people you want to have following you. Targets can be competitors, complementary brands, or even influencers in your industry.

Kickstart offers you a customer dashboard so you can see which of your targets is performing best. You can use that information to exchange low-performing targets for others that might perform better.

Kicksta has a few different price points you can choose. The Standard plan is available for $49/month, and it allows you to include 10 target accounts, and you can expect to see moderate growth. You can also choose the Premium plan for $99/month, which includes 40 targets, maximum growth, VIP email support and advanced targeting options. Finally, the Boost plan is available for $218/month. This plan includes everything in the Premium plan, and it also guarantees at least 850 followers per month through The Social Media Agency’s boost program.

Not convinced? Listen to this customer review, “I started with Kickstart in October of 2018 and grew my base from 2,500 to 10.5K in just 2 months,” says Kristi Eide.

Kicksta is the best overall because it’s reasonably priced, offers multiple options, provides a dashboard for analytics and uses AI to practice real, organic methods of follower growth. No follow-unfollow or comment spams here.

2. Seek Socially - Second Best

The second best Instagram growth service is Seek Socially. With this platform, you’ll provide them with target accounts that your account manager will manually engage with on your behalf. The Seek team uses AI to target the best possible potential followers for your account.

Check out this customer testimonial. “It has been a fantastic experience. The support team made onboarding easy and Seek really cared about our content,” says Tina Mack.

A great feature with Seek is that you can use them to grow your following on more than just Instagram. They also offer growth plans for Twitter and TikTok, so you can consistently grow your following across the board on your social platforms.

Seek Socially comes in two different package options. The first is the Starter plan, which costs $49/month. This plan includes standard growth and gives you access to limited growth features. Or, you can choose the Premium plan which comes in at $99 per month. The Premium plan promises maximum growth and has access to all growth features.

Seek Socially is considered second-best because they use real, authentic growth techniques, are reasonably priced and are available on multiple social media platforms.

3. Social Buddy - Third Best

Social Buddy takes the third spot because they help you attract real people through targeting your competitors, influencers and hashtags that your ideal followers use. But, they only offer one plan option, so you don’t have many choices. They also use the follow and unfollow method, which can be seen as annoying by some users.

Social Buddy says they’ll help you get real followers, not bots or fake accounts. They also offer TikTok growth, so if you’re looking to grow on that platform, too, this might be a good option for you.

Fishmasters says, “We’ve had a wonderful experience working with these guys. Went from 1K followers to 20K in about a year with real people the results are showing in our reach.”

The one plan they offer is called the Growth plan, and it runs $99 per month. With it you’ll get advanced targeting, organic growth, and access to an account manager via email support.

4. Nitro - Best Budget

Nitro promises you an easy experience where you can just watch the followers come to you. When you sign up with Nitro, you share with them target accounts, hashtags and locations that work well with your brand. Then, Nitro will follow accounts, like comments, view profiles, and engage with Stories on your account’s behalf.

"I started with Nitro a few months ago and honestly the only thing I do is post my artwork. The rest of all the growing and people following me comes from Nitro. No time wasted and lots of bookings my way 👍 Many thanks guys,” says Ignacio Vedia.

Nitro says they’re able to grow any kind of account, from memes to influencers. Their various methods of engagement help keep you engaged with your audience, although some people might find the following method a little annoying.

In the realm of content creation, tools like Pintodown, a Pinterest video downloader, complement growth strategies by enabling users to easily save and repurpose Pinterest videos. This not only enhances the content variety for platforms like Nitro but also aids in maintaining a dynamic and visually engaging online presence. 

With Nitro, you can choose from two pricing options. The first is the Essential plan, available for $49/month. This gives you fast growth, access to the essential targeting features and standard support. Or, choose the Speed plan for $79 per month. You won’t have a speed cap with this plan, you’ll get priority support and you can access all of the targeting features.

5. Growthoid

Growthoid uses AI technology, gives you an account manager and now provides analytical reporting on how your Instagram growth is coming along. Growthoid uses a few methods: follow/unfollow, liking posts, and commenting or DMing people.

Growthoid offers two different plan options you can choose to jumpstart your growth. The first is the Standard plan, which comes in at $49/month. This plan includes moderate growth, essential targeting features and standard support. The second plan is the Premium plan, available for $99 per month. With this option you’ll get maximum growth, all targeting features and premium support.

6. Flock Social

Flock Social is another Instagram growth service that will automatically engage with potential followers on your behalf. They boast easy setup in three minutes and not a single fake follower or bot. They don’t go into detail on the methods they use to target and engage with accounts on their website, but they’re most likely some combination of comments, likes, and follows.

As with most of these services, there are two plan options. However, with Flock Social you can sign up for an annual plan and save up to 50% off the rate. The first plan you can choose is the Rising Star plan, available for $49/month, or $349/year if you choose an annual plan. With this plan you can target by location, hashtag or competitors, and you can schedule interactions on your profile. The next plan is the Business plan, available for $99/month or $599/year if you choose the annual route. This plan includes everything from the Rising Star plan and also offers growth optimization, a dedicated account manager, and a guaranteed 1,000 followers per month.

7. Media Mister

With Media Mister you can grow far more than just your Instagram. In fact, if you’re looking to increase any metric on any social media platform, chances are high that Media Mister has a package for you. When you sign up with them, you’ll choose your social platform, find the package you need, and check out. Make sure to enhance your photos using Instagram presets before uploading them online as it will make it easier for you to expand your base of followers.

Media Mister offers targeted followers, but not targeted in the sense of many other platforms we’ve discussed here. Media Mister’s targeting primarily involves general geography: namely, the country in which you’re located. The company says the followers they sell are real and have evidence of recent activity on the app.

Pricing will vary based on the selections you choose, but the numbers we list here will be for normal followers in the USA and UK. To purchase 50 followers (the smallest amount), which will arrive in 1-2 days, you’ll pay $3.00. To purchase 10,000 followers (the most you can buy), which will arrive in 5-8 days, you’ll pay $329.

8. Trust Social

Trust Social is another growth service that will give you a dedicated account manager to work with. Trust says they’ll get your account recommended by popular influencers, place you on the front page of Instagram and fast-track your verification process.

Trust offers four plan options, depending on how many followers you want to gain. The Micro-Influencer membership costs $87/month and promises medium growth, includes increased brand presence and the Instagram strategist we mentioned earlier. The next membership is called the Influencer and is available for $177 per month. This one says you’ll get high growth, and on top of the Micro plan features, it also comes with a brand collaboration database and a verification blueprint. Next, the Business/Brand plan is $312 per month, promising maximum growth. Finally, the Elite plan promises ultimate growth, includes weekly USA Loop promotions and costs $564 per month.

9. Inflact

Inflact says they’ll help grow your following and increase loyalty in just three steps. These can be broken down into Promo, Direct and Posting. Promo is what brings in the followers, and they do this using the follow/unfollow method and likes. Then, Direct is the phase where they’ll send bulk messages to your audience for you. Finally, Posting allows you to schedule your posts so they’ll automatically go live at the right time.

Inflact has three options you can choose from, and each offers a little more than the last. The first plan is Basic, and it includes the Promo step, a VPN and access to a hashtag generator. The Basic plan is $54/month. The next plan is Advanced, which includes both Promo and Direct, a VPN and access to the hashtag generator, and it costs $64/month. Finally, the Pro plan includes all three steps, Promo, Direct and Posting, the VPN, access to the hashtag generator, the use of Stories Saver, and one Downloader.

Instagram Growth Service Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is organic Instagram growth?

Organic Instagram growth means gaining more followers who are real people. They choose to follow your account on their own, and they’re most likely excited to see your content and engage with your posts. Organic growth is the best type of follower growth, because it’s made of real people.

2. Do Instagram growth services work?

If you find the right Instagram growth service, then yes, they can work. You want to look for a growth service that’ll automate what you would’ve already been doing. It’s also best if they can’t guarantee a certain number of followers, because you know that your followers will have to choose to follow you themselves.

3. How to get more followers on Instagram?

Getting more followers on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use a growth service, master a hashtag strategy, or create a consistent posting schedule. Ideally, you should combine all of these, and make sure that the content you’re posting is valuable to your audience. Or displaying your Instagram feed on website can be an excellent method to showcase your content and entice individuals to follow you on the platform. You can accomplish this by utilizing different plugins and widgets that are offered either for free or at a nominal charge.

To reach a wider audience, utilize social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox to exhibit genuine user-generated content (UGC) and other Instagram content. This will provide visitors with a social media experience on your website and showcase your Instagram profile, which is worth following.

Time To Get Started

So now you’ve heard about some of the best Instagram growth services. This is just the beginning, though. This overview is the start of your research, so choose a few that are interesting to you and look into them yourself. Then you can make an informed decision and watch your Instagram followers grow.

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