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We Want To Write About The Questions You Have, Help Us Better Serve You!

Posted by Content Team

5/22/17 4:40 PM

Whether you are just getting started with SaaS or you are working to enhance your company, you are probably taking the time to visit us because there is something specific you need help with. We want to speak directly to your needs, so this is us reaching out to you for some prompts!

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Topics: SaaS Marketing Tips, SaaS Marketing Journey

SaaS Marketing Master Class Giveaway! Winner Announced March 31st

Posted by Content Team

2/11/15 4:06 PM

Don't waste time and money with marketing mistakes - learn from the pros!

Unlock The Secrets to Launching & Growing Your SaaS Application

Together with SaaS marketing expert and author Ryan Battles, we’re giving away "The Complete Package" of Saas Marketing Essentials ($195 value) which includes: 

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Topics: Promos & Giveaways

Determining Your Marketing Budget & What To Expect In 2015

Posted by Content Team

11/4/14 8:31 PM

Have you ever looked at a marketing proposal and thought,

“Where do they come up with these numbers?!”

If so, you’re not alone. Many of our clients wonder the same thing if they haven’t worked with an established, well-respected marketing agency before. At Inturact, we value transparency, so we would like to explain exactly how we come up with our proposed marketing budgets – and how you can come up with your own budget as well.

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Topics: Online Marketing Agencies

iOS 8's Interactive Notifications Will Revive Growth And Engagement For Businesses

Posted by Content Team

7/10/14 11:34 AM

This is a guest blog entry by Andree Huk.

Andree is a co-founder at MobileFirm.co. His experiences include:
  • Growing UppTalk to 5M+ active users
  • Advising on Product, User Experience and growth for mobile startups
  • Co-hosting Techdings.com, a German tech show that interviews experienced technology leaders
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Topics: Mobile

Blog Fete

Posted by Content Team

8/26/13 8:57 AM

Inturact is happy to sponsor this year's Blog Fete conference! It takes place on September 27th and 28th in Orlando. Thanks to The Flair Exchange for letting us know about this exciting opportunity.

"BlogFete is a weekend conference designed to motivate, educate and connect a phenomenal group of bloggers and it all happens in the Florida sunshine. Our event will be held at The Hilton Grand Vacation Club in Orlando on Friday and Saturday, September 27 & 28th. BlogFete will begin with a welcome mix and mingle and we'll have several booths and activities."

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Topics: Inturact

JoomlaDay™ Houston 2013

Posted by Content Team

8/26/13 8:51 AM

Inturact Founder and Leading Web Developer, Trevor Hatfield, will be speaking about Joomla! security at the first annual JoomlaDay™ Houston on October 19th, 2013. This is the only Joomla! conference in Houston, so don't miss it! Register here today.

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Topics: Inturact, Content Management Systems

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