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The Complete PLG Onboarding Funnels of 20 Top SaaS Companies

The Complete PLG Onboarding Funnels of 20 Top SaaS Companies

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Generic onboarding fails users. Inturact builds personalized PLG journeys.

User Onboarding Services for High-Growth SaaS Products

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10,344 trials converted into paying customers
(and counting)
24 "Aha" moments found
67 low-touch PLG onboarding journeys implemented

Consulting trusted for over 15 years by the world's most innovative companies.

Our Sincere Promise:

User onboarding emails and UX that reduces churn, delivered in 60 days

Trevor HatfieldInturact CEO

Why User Activation Should Not Be Postponed For Next Year:

Your product outpaced your onboarding. Inturact updates your user experiences for higher conversion rates.
Your product outpaced your onboarding. Inturact updates your user experiences for higher conversion rates.
"Forgetful churn" from irregular use hinders growth. Inturact counters this with engaging growth loops and UX design.
"Forgetful churn" from irregular use hinders growth.Inturact counters this with engaging growth loops and UX design.
Adapting to changing buyer behaviors. Inturact reshapes your onboarding for new personas & market trends.
Adapting to changing buyer behaviors.Inturact reshapes your onboarding for new personas & market trends.

PLG Onboarding Flows Based On Actual User Data For Sustained User Engagement and Conversion

When you work with Inturact, you get the benefit of analyzing millions of product and user data to determine what new, unpaid signups actually need to do to convert to an active, paying, delighted customer.

“Since starting with Inturact, our number of leads, demos, and customers has steadily increased. They have brought a level of services that we could not have created ourselves. In summary, Inturact is our marketing department. We've been very pleased with them and plan to partner with them for a long time. "

- Robert Davis | President/CEO

Generating 'Aha Moments' Doesn't Happen by Luck, Guesswork, or Casual Observations

They're Crafted. Inturact Can Do That For You.


Use case mapping

Inturact expertly designs each user interaction based on use case mapping so that every click is intentional & none is wasted. 



Your email campaigns will be written, designed and implemented to strategically guide each user towards continued use, activation, and subscription renewal.

In-app experiences

Your in-app experiences will be designed and implemented to meet your users precisely in their moment of need, boosting usage. 


Ongoing testing and optimization

Inturact’s ongoing testing will keep your onboarding up-to-date, making sure your retention rate never dips. 

We Don't Hand You a Generic 10yr Old Roadmap Template & Wave Goodbye. That's Why We're Different.

  • Data-backed strategies

    We provide practical, data-backed strategies that have been battle-tested across various SaaS companies. Our approach is grounded in deep analytics and user research, ensuring real-world effectiveness.
  • Powerful Partnerships

    Our methods are proven, developed through partnerships with industry leaders like Reforge, InnerTrends, and HubSpot.


  • Experience

    With over 15 years of experience, we don't just advise. We're hands-on, helping design, implement and optimize your onboarding while you focus on your product.

Our 3-Step “FocusFlow” Process for Turning Your SaaS Into a Low-Touch, Self-Serve Conversion Machine

Our FocusFlow Process:


1. Gather the right data


2. Uncover the dominant use cases and build your journey


3. Use ongoing analytics to track actual impact


  • Higher trial to paid conversions 
  • Increased retention & lower churn
  • The exact customer journeys new signups need to go through that have the highest chance of conversion
  • Identification of new market opportunities.
  • Everyone on the team aligned, knowing exactly what the priorities are - without arguing 
  • Real-time insights into user product interaction

What You Get With Every Onboarding Essentials Implementation:

When you work with Inturact, you get the data, the plan and the implementation. 
  • Audit of current onboarding flows
  • User interviews and use case identification
  • 2 personalized user journeys designed
  • Matching email sequences, fully implemented
  • Frictionless in-app experiences designed and implemented on your tool of choice
  • 3 months of specialized product analytics focused on activation KPIs, or for as long as you are our client
  • Ongoing optimization recommendations (Optional add-on)
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SaaS Growth Testimonials

Dan VivianPrincipal AE

"If you're looking for a partner to help grow your SaaS business it doesn't get better than Inturact. I've worked with them for 3 years and they're results driven, authentic and clearly experienced in a niche space that is tough to succeed in."


Claudiu Murariu
Claudiu MurariuCEO

"Working with the Inturact team has provided us a new perspective on our business and clarity on how to achieve our growth goals. Outside of leveraging their overall SaaS expertise, one of the things I truly appreciated was the fact that they took the time to deeply understand our business and customers, from the jobs they need to perform, to their personas, and complete buyers journey. No wonder that every thing they deliver is spot on!"


Alon RomCEO

"Being able to leverage off Inturact’s deep knowledge and experience in executing SaaS growth has provided a springboard to accelerate our business. Their skill set is extremely diverse - offering a turn key solution to strategy, data, marketing, design, copy, technical and operational execution. Our team have thoroughly enjoyed working with Trevor, Joshua and the rest of the team. We have grown immensely during our time together and look forward to continuing the journey."


Teresa DayVP of Marketing

"Inturact has been great to work with! We have a more technical product where bringing in outside marketing help is sometimes challenging. Trevor is so knowledgable across a broad set of tools and industries though, he grasped it right away. We have also enjoyed their approach to project management, which helps keep everything very organized. Would recommend them to any SaaS company looking for help!"


Geoff-RonningCo-Founder & CEO

"We worked with Inturact to help initially launch a new product in which we migrated legacy users successfully. Within these efforts we also had a new site designed and developed and began growth efforts. Within executing the growth efforts they helped build out our user onboarding process as well as all aspects of our customer engagement analytics. We now have a big picture of our business and finalizing the last legacy users onto our new platform. If you are looking for a true SaaS growth partner you should reach out to Inturact."


Better SaaS onboarding increases conversions and much more...

While there may be subtle differences between marketing a SaaS business and any other type of company, the key distinction lies in the onboarding process. This crucial step involves turning leads into paying customers - and that's where we excel.

Our team works closely with both startups and established businesses, providing tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs. Together, we'll devise, implement, and evaluate your onboarding strategy, ensuring you achieve your goals and grow your SaaS business.

Higher Conversions
Increase free to paid conversions for all new and existing customers

With an onboarding process that gets your users to see the value in your product and upgrade, all without hand holding, you'll see an increase in conversions from your existing traffic.

Increase Returning Users
Keep more of your paying user

When your users see the value of your product, they’ll keep coming back and become a loyal and active advocate of your product.

Increase Revenue & Profit
Achieve truely passive revenue

With better onboarding, you’ll get more value out of your current leads, and be confident that any traffic you send either organic or paid will result in a positive ROI.

Lowered CAC
Spend less money acquiring new customer

As current users use your product more, they’ll continue to grow and achieve success, which means there’s a bigger chance they’ll upgrade to higher plans and add more features and addons to their account.

Increased LTV
Increase the life time value of each customer

Our onboarding won’t end once they convert, it will continue to educate them on new features, tools and add ons based on the actions in your app. This will keep your customers around longer and increase their chances of upgrading while becoming a more valuable customer.

Increased ARPA
Increase the average revenue per account

Our average revenue per account (ARPA or ARPU) will steadily increase as your onboarding helps keep more customers happy and enlighten them on the value of upgrading plans or addons.



We currently have a high-touch sales process and want to move to PLG. Can you help?

Yes, we can absolutely help you do that as part of our Onboarding Essential Package. 

What if I have multiple use cases?

No problem! We offer design for extra use cases at $3,000 each, with analytics for tracking and optimization.

How much of my (and my team's) time will this take?

Your team's involvement: 2-3 hours weekly for calls and feedback. Our team handles the bulk of the work.

How long does it take to set up?

You can expect complete setup in 6-8 weeks, with phased implementation for emails and in-app experiences.

Who from our team should be there?

We recommend involving a product manager, growth lead, and designer in the process. Additional stakeholders can join calls as needed.

What should I do to prepare?

We'll provide a preparation document outlining necessary information and access.

What if we don't have any onboarding?

No worries! We can still collect data through user interviews and build your onboarding flows from scratch tailored to your audience.

Do you work with B2C SaaS?

Yes, we work with both B2B and B2C SaaS companies.

How much will this cost?

Onboarding Essentials start at $35,000, customized based on your needs.

How do I know this will work for our SaaS?

We ensure increased activation and reduced churn, with optimizations for positive ROI.

We already have lots of data and tools. What else will we need?

We'll need access to your website, emails, and product for implementation.

Do you help implement everything?

Our team manages full implementation, from user journey mapping to onboarding touchpoints design and installation.