Integrated Marketing

Our Approach to Growth and Revenue Accountability

Our integrated marketing programs are tailored to your growth goals, informed by comprehensive analysis, and are completely accountable to growth and ROI metrics. With each client, we build strong, collaborative, and transparent relationships so we can be accountable and recognized for helping them achieve their growth goals. With that in mind, here’s our approach.

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5 Levels of Marketing Performance Activate Build Convert Drive  


A Brand that Resonates with the Audience's Core Values 

A weak offline brand will lead to a weak online brand, so before we dive into an online presence, we need to start with a solid foundation. From defining the right brand positioning and messaging to designing a sophisticated new identity with the right media mix, we'll work together to craft a brand and positioning strategy that accurately reflects your promise and resonates with the audience's core values.

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Web & Digital Media Presence that Engages & Expands Your Audience 

Using different types of online properties, we create touchpoints for your users to find you, get to know you, and make you part of their everyday lives. To do this, we combine user experience strategies that allow potential clients to browse, explore, and uncover things that add value, which moves them further along in the sales journey, and turns them into engaged connections.

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An Engaged Audience into Quality Leads & Meaningful Conversions

At this stage, we know who your clients are, we’ve aligned your brand and messaging with their needs, and we’ve started to build the relationship across multiple channels. Now it’s time to provide compelling reasons to engage with your brand and buy, taking your viewers and turning them into leads your sales team will love.

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Real Business Growth with Marketing that's Accountable to Sales

As our process continues, we refine our approach to more efficiently identify and attract qualified leads, meeting them where they are and matching them with helpful resources (which move them along the sales funnel). Our goal is to give your sales team what they need to always be closing. To do that, we need to learn from your top salespeople to recognize a great prospect, and provide marketing support that enables them to focus on closing new business.

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A Program Streamlined for Efficiency and Sustainability

Finally, we take what we’ve built and put in processes to ensure sales and marketing continue to integrate for sustainable growth. We implement customer relationship management systems, link efforts to sales and ROI, analyze your customer value, and continue to strategize to keep both the top-line and bottom-line growing for your business.

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