Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) For SaaS

Driving SaaS Innovation & Value with JTBD

Whatever brought you this far won't take you to the next level of growth. Last year's user feedback is likely no longer relevant. Businesses who don't regularly check their operating assumptions are much less likely to succeed. Meanwhile, new members of your team have joined with their own new ideas while other members have left, leaving your team misaligned and unable to execute at the levels needed to beat the competition. Other agencies will advise you to throw some money at ads and webcopy, then wait. 

That's where Inturact comes in. 

By applying the proven Jobs-to-be-Done methodology to the SaaS industry's best practices, we're able to reduce innovation risk drastically, so when you do invest in ads or SEO, your chances of success increase measurably. The choice is, you can invest in growth consulting now and increase your chances of winning within two to three years building a real business...or you can punt, throw some cash at ads, and hope for the best, based on your current user base and current product-biased assumptions. 

The Process

The Value Stages - Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, Develop - Repeat


Understanding Urgency

Taking into consideration how much time you have to get things right also determines that activities you should be focused on. If you have a short runway you probably shouldn't be starting organic growth with inbound marketing because you need quick wins now. However, if you have a long runway you should really set the foundation now for long term health growth including customer discovery, JTBD and start your organic growth engine.



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The Jobs method is a proven way to become hyper-focused on the desired outcomes of your potential users, not what product or service people are currently buying. After all, that approach has only gotten you this far. The only way to uncover unmet needs that new customers are willing to pay for is to understand why they hire a solution to solve a problem. 

As Theodore Levitt, the late Harvard Business School professor, famously put it, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.” Take that a step further, what people want is a fast way to put a picture on the wall when redecorating.


The only way to really know this to rigorously put primary research into a Jobs analysis. What is this group of people trying to accomplish and under what circumstances? 

When you work with Inturact, your entire team will be pushed to think beyond the walls of your current product and customers. Together, we'll reimagine what unmet needs are out there, just waiting for someone to discover. Not only will you have a customer-centric product roadmap, but you'll have an entire go-to-market plan with clear next steps for your marketing copy, design updates, blog content, and more. 

Then when you are ready, we can help design and craft for you a winning blog and high-ROI ad campaigns.

Don't Hire Task Monkeys to Run Your Battleship

We used to do this. We used to take every client that came our way and immediately start writing blog posts for them. Invariably, the results were lackluster and the client would churn. No one wins with this kind of business model. We hated it, and our clients did too. 

That's why we got wise and even though that means having less clients, we would rather build long term partnerships than engage in transactional business. Now, our clients stay with us for years as we help them achieve exponential growth. A Long-term partnership means when you work with us, we are going to: 


Slow you down to identify harmful assumptions


Train you on best practices


build team alignment to maximize output


get your business in a winning position to grow

After all, what you've been doing hasn't gotten you to where you want to be, otherwise, you wouldn't even be reading this page. Am I right? 

Inturact validates every high-risk assumption you are currently making and you might not even know you are making. With primary research, we're going to tell you what direction you need to go in, backed by real user data. We then layer on top of that the best practices the SaaS industry as to offer to increase your chances of success by 80%.

Don't Believe in Average


The danger in going with average is that you get a product that doesn't work for anyone in front of a market that doesn't care enough to buy. Our process quickly identifies the people who can benefit the most from your product and extracts exactly why they might hire the product and in what context. This level of clarity opens up the gates of data-backed innovation in a methodical, step-by-step way so that every possible high-risk assumption is constantly being vetted by actual user behavior. 

We might not be the captain of your ship,

but we will be your navigator.


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