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Christina Clemens7/27/17 10:36 AM4 min read

Think You Need SaaS Marketing? Think Again


Any online business is only as good as its marketing. After all, if prospective customers cannot find you online, it doesn’t matter how outstanding your product or service is, right? SaaS businesses are no exception, but just because marketing is key to the business model, that fact alone doesn’t mean that you can launch a successful campaign at any point and expect results. In order to make the most of the resources involved in successful marketing, there’s a great deal of work that must be done first.

The inherent value in SaaS marketing can certainly make a tremendous difference in how well your business connects with customers. But first you have to lay the foundation for your message to reach the right audience. Only then can you hope to reap the benefits of a well-considered marketing plan.

Here are some elements of your business you need to have in place before you consider launching a marketing campaign.

Key Elements You Need Before Launching Into A Marketing Campaign

Ideal Customer Profiles

Long before you launch any SaaS marketing, you need to develop a keen understanding of your prospective customers. How else can you expect to appeal to their needs and offer the solution they’ve been searching for? Naturally, what you consider your ideal customer will change and evolve as your business does, but starting off your campaign with at least some direction will make a huge difference in the level of engagement you’ll be able to muster.

Buyer Personas

When you perform the necessary research, you’ll be able to create detailed buyer personas that help you grasp the specific group of prospects your marketing should be focusing on. Once you do, tailor all your communication to these potential buyers, and you’ll discover just how invaluable they are in a successful SaaS marketing campaign. Your sales team and current customer base may be the best resources you have to jump-start development on your buyer personas.

Value Proposition

Understanding the problem or need that your product addresses will go a long way toward convincing prospective customers to give your business a shot. When you have a clear idea of how your approach stands alone, you’ll be able to craft your marketing accordingly and more easily break through the crowded marketplace with your message. Of course, be sure to nail down the key benefit that makes your business the best in a specific area and exploit it.

Competitive Analysis

As much as your business should develop and grow into its own beast initially, it’s folly to ignore the competitors out there providing a similar product or service to yours. Rather, you should actively identify and evaluate what your competition is up to. Their strategies, strengths and weaknesses may very well help you decide how you can adjust your own plans accordingly. You’ll learn plenty of lessons of your own through trial by error. Don’t pass up the chance to pick up a few tips from the missteps of others.

Content Strategy

When it comes to the world of SaaS business, content marketing is a tremendous part of how you introduce prospects to your product, but without the right strategy in place, all that content might be going to waste. This extends to the distribution methods you select as well as the tone and message of the content you’re putting out into the world to spread your message. Bear these fundamentals in mind throughout each stage of content development, and you’ll be in infinitely better shape overall.

SWOT Analysis

An acronym for “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats,” this element of your business provides a framework for you to remain as objective as possible with regards to the obstacles and prospects that await your business. This large-scale awareness of your company can often lead you down a new path that could open up opportunities to punch up your business operations or even put new policies or initiatives into practice.

Actionable Metrics

Once you have everything in place to deliver an amazing product and customer experience, it’s tempting to just move right into the thick of it. But don’t forget to have measures in place to assess your performance going forward. Although everything may seem to be going swimmingly thus far, there’s always room for improvement, and you need to be on the lookout for it. Be sure to use key actionable metrics to monitor your business and foster growth from within.

No Time Like the Present

As you might expect, it’s a wise move to get all the above elements squared away before launching any SaaS marketing campaign. However, if you haven’t done so, there’s little reason to worry.

Thankfully, it's never too late to make adjustments within your company to maximize the impact of any future marketing endeavors. In fact, we’d love to help you get those pesky wrinkles ironed out of your marketing strategy.

Today’s business world is so overcrowded with companies vying for consumers’ hard-earned dollars that you may find yourself desperately searching for what more you can do to keep up with your competitors. You simply cannot let the opportunity to fine-tune your operation slip past you.

Quite likely, the effect on your business will be instantaneous, as customers begin responding to your company like never before. There’s a lot to be said for preparation, but in this business, you’re doomed to fail without it.


Christina Clemens

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