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Christina Clemens11/16/16 2:30 PM1 min read

The Steps to Follow for Proper SaaS Marketing Distribution

The-Steps-to-Follow-for-Proper-SaaS-Marketing-Distribution-Blog-IMG-820x320.png It doesn’t matter how great your product is, or how much effort you put into marketing it with excellent content. Proper SaaS marketing content distribution is a non-negotiable component of every successful campaign. If your marketing efforts aren’t in front of the right audience, you might as well be lighting money on fire.

Don’t spend your time curating excellent content only to let it go to waste. These three steps can help your marketing efforts land in front of eager customers.

Know Your Ideal Customer

A business offering trendy bikinis probably wouldn’t find much interest in a rural retirement home. And the Girl Scouts don’t go to diabetes conferences to sell cookies. Knowing your ideal customer is marketing 101, but it’s easy for this goal — and the actions that support it — to be obscured in the hodgepodge that is the Internet.

If you throw a post on a random blog, hope that it generates interest, and never follow up or act upon the customer information you receive, you’re no different from the Girl Scout trying to sell cookies at a diabetes conference.

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