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Katy Katz10/23/15 5:15 PM4 min read

"SaaS Industries that Need Disruption" A Recap of #SaaSChats


The SaaS community is well-known for its collaborative environment. Perhaps it’s because the nature of the business is online, or maybe software entrepreneurs are just extra neighborly! Either way there was a lot of exciting information shared on Twitter yesterday through 
SaaScribe’s October twitter chat, #SaaSChats.

For those of you that are new to the term “twitter chat,” it’s a scheduled time in which people are invited to tweet to the same hashtag to join in a conversation. #SaaSChats took place yesterday from 2:00 - 3:00 ET. For those who are interested in getting involved in upcoming events, the next twitter chat will be held in December.

For today’s twitter chat, SaaScribe and L-Spark took turns answering ten questions about disruptions in the SaaS industry. Here is a recap of those questions, along with some of the participant’s answers.

Q1: “Before we get into it, let’s take a few moments to get acquainted - please introduce yourselves!”

There was a great turnout for #SaaSChats today, including SaaS information providers, business owners, marketers, and consultants. Each had interesting perspectives to add to the conversation.

*Click here to see all of the answers to question one.

Q2: “What industries have been totally reinvented by #SaaS companies in the past few years?”

  • “Industries that have had legacy IT (CRM, booking systems). Now - every spreadsheet, every tedious process is being SaaSified” - @jmarovt
  • “Shopify for e-commerce, Dropbox & Box for shared storage, Salesforce for CRM, AirBnB for Rental Property, Uber for transport” - @facestrategic
  • “Accounting software, HR software and CRM” - @mrjosewilson
  • “Taxi, Telephony, Productivity, IT infrastructure, Software development” - @GetAnth

*Click here to see all of the answers to question two.

Q3: “What are some SaaS companies causing major disruption right now?”

  • “Companies causing major disruption in #SaaS: Intercom, HubSpot, Slack” - ‏@NikkiElizDemere
  • “Zenefits w/ its free all-in-one HR, Intercom w/ super easy SaaS support, Rainforest QA w/ painless QA-as-a-service” - @jmarovt
  • “I think Xero is also doing great stuff” - @sunstonecomms
  • “Wildcard, but Facebook's FB@Work is totally disrupting work communication for us.” - @mattddrchs
  • “Optimizely's Personalization, making it possible for smaller businesses to do more w/ their data like Amazon & Netflix do” - @denisechan26

*Click here to see all of the answers to question three.

Q4: “What are some of the significant benefits SaaS can bring to an industry?”

  • “SaaS offers massive growth potential, speed to market, global accessibility and unprecedented measurement & analysis” - @facestrategic
  • “Lower initial cost and painless upgrades for the consumer to acquire services from a SAAS provider.” - @zination_com
  • “A customer that is successful with your company is a loyal customer. Revenue uplift due to customer loyalty can be quantified, which is the basis for Customer Success Management. Customer Success helps reduce the cost of customer acquisition.” - @NikkiElizDemere
  • “SaaS tends to simply, smooth and accelerate processes that are complex, difficult, and slow.” - @CaraHogan27

*Click here to see all of the answers to question four.

Q5: “What are ways you identify an industry that needs disruption?”

  • “Best heuristic is current lack of modern software. Right now healthcare, construction, real estate, law, etc.” - @jmarovt
  • “One way to determine industries that need disruption is to discern where customers can or do increasingly have a voice.” - @NikkiElizDemere
  • “Industries that are highly commoditized, price sensitive and competitive (look at what AirBnB did to the rental market)” - @facestrategic
  • “One way to determine industry ripe for disruption is to look at its pain points i.e. healthcare - ux; auto - gas” - @startup2hack

*Click here to see all of the answers to question five.

Q6: “Name some CEOs who are killing it with their #SaaS companies.”

  • “A CEO who is killing it with his #SaaS company: @stewart of Slack” - ‏@SaaSCommunity
  • “SaaS CEOs I admire: @parkerconrad (Zenefits), @asanwal (CBInsights), @benchestnut (MailChimp), @bhalligan (HubSpot)” - ‏@jmarovt
  • “@tobi from Shopify and Steven Cody from 4BetterSoftware”. - @zination_com
*Click here to see all of the answers to question six.

Q7: “Why is SaaS the way to go when building a new B2B or B2C software product?”

  • “SaaS provides cost savings, rapid product delivery & updates, high scalability, accessibility and global compatibility” - @facestrategic
  • “High adoption, lower initial costs, painless upgrades, seamless integrations.” - @NikkiElizDemere
  • “SaaS is the way to go if you want to speed up feature deployment, get data faster, validate assumptions…” - @damolade

*Click here to see all of the answers to question seven.

Q8: “What are common metrics that #Saas startups use to measure their success?”

  • “Here are 16 #startup metrics (not all #SaaS) as outlined by @16z” - @NikkiElizDemere
  • “The BIG metrics is MRR then cost of acquisition, run rate, and onboarding cost.” - @zination_com
  • “Most important SaaS metrics: LTV/CAC, MRR, Churn, LVR. My top 20 ones also here” - @jmarovt
  • “Some danger too many metrics for #startups as well. Focus in this as in everything” - @sunstonecomms

*Click here to see all of the answers to question eight.

Q9: “What resources (websites, thought leaders) do you recommend for #SaaS startups?”

*Click here to see all of the answers to question nine.

Q10: “What words of caution do you have for SaaS #entrepreneurs looking to cause disruption?”

  • "Think about distribution from Day 1. And, if possible, build a product your customers use on a daily basis." - @jmarovt
  • “Don’t skip Customer Development. (Read The Startup Owner’s Manual if necessary.)” - @NikkiElizDemere
  • “Work on customer retention, in a SAAS model, churn rate is very important.” - @zination_com

*Click here to see all of the answers to question ten.

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