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Grant Hatfield7/21/15 12:04 PM2 min read

Behind the Screens: Content That Converts [INFOGRAPHIC]


Unless you like speaking into a vacuum, chances are you already know you need an audience for your content. And you may need different audiences for different types of content. However, all of these different groups of readers have one thing in common: they’re filled with your ideal customers.

HubSpot refers to these stages as the Inbound Methodology and we agree. Here's a quick run through of the different stages in the buyer's journey followed by an infographic of what kind of content you want to create to convert your leads into happy customers!


The last thing you need is a ton of traffic full of people who will never convert to leads because they don’t match your buyer personas. (Click to Tweet!) The attract stage is all about using the right content to bring the right visitors to your site.


Now that you’ve got everyone coming in, what are you going to do with them? Ideally, some of these visitors will wind up being leads by sharing their contact information. This is referred to as the convert stage. Contact information is some of the most valuable stuff we share online. To get it, you’re first going to have to give- an offer that's worth trading contact information for. 


The offer you use here will need to bring plenty of value. Your sales team will be able to best determine the demo offer but be sure to set expectations like discussing the time range of the consultation and who will be contacting them. This way customers will know what they are getting into.

The landing page for the closing stage will need to convey all of this information. Email is also useful content.


Once you’ve made that lead a customer, it’s time to bring out your very best. To keep customers not only committed but turn them into actual promoters of your brand, you’ll need to delight them again and again. (Click to Tweet!)

With the right content in the delight stage, your promoters will bring you more and more quality leads that are ready to convert and continue to process on for you.

Now, what types of content are most appropriate for each of the 4 stages? 

Share This Image on Your Site


Share This Image on Your Site

Remember, your content's purpose is to address a pain point your audience may have. Provide valuable information and tips, show them that you are trustworthy and knowledgeable in your industry, and finally prove to them that you are the person for the job!

After you have some great content in the funnel, contact us for your free marketing assessment so that we can offer any insight on opportunities to apply to your inbound marketing.

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