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Derek Clark

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An Old Tool From Google (To Help Forecast Your Market)

Posted by Derek Clark

9/23/14 9:38 AM

(Re-)introducing Google Trends

Markets are always moving.  Some market trends are easily recognized, such as growth or decline tied to a time of the year (consider, for example, the market trend for a costume retailer – October would certainly be a hot month).  Having knowledge of predictable market trends can help inbound marketing agencies and marketers stay insulated from risk, but what about trends without obvious origins?  A clever explanation about how an unusually cold winter (that affected buyer confidence in a related market) might actually be true, but it’s only as true as your ability to persuade your client (and arguably, yourself).  Having data is a good start.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Analytics

What is “Growth Hacking”?

Posted by Derek Clark

12/28/13 3:48 PM

“Growth hacking”. Sounds a little strange and probably doesn’t mean anything unless it’s used in context. “Hacking”, after all, is widely perceived as something destructive or subversive. Here, however, the emphasis is on the creative connotation of the word, where the path to the solution requires shortcuts, and shortcuts require a comprehensive understanding of each piece involved.

“Growth Hacking” is a phrase that started spreading around Silicon Valley in 2011, used to describe the creative usage of technical knowledge to develop and implement marketing strategies.

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Topics: Growth Hacking

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