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Leah Faul6/4/15 10:45 AM4 min read

Growth Hacking: 15 Free HubSpot Resources


Why are business owners and marketing professionals so crazy about HubSpot?

Well, it’s hard to discuss inbound marketing without talking about HubSpot. There’s good reason for that. Founded in 2006, the company pioneered the four step inbound marketing methodology, essentially turning the traditional outbound technique on its head.

One of the best things about the digital marketing giant? They love giving out free resources and certifications that you and your marketing team can actually use. This is especially great for you when you're ready to tap into growth hacking for your business. We’ve compiled a list of our 15 favorite HubSpot links that are 100% free and useful.


With HubSpot, there’s no reason to be shy. Jump right into the learning process with these five resources.

  • Inbound Marketing Methodology 101 - Here’s where you’ll want to begin. A handy infographic explains the four step process, while the rest of the page is devoted to interpreting the nitty-gritty details.
  • Inbound Marketing Kit - Now that you’ve got your feet wet, you’re ready to dive in. This eBook has concise answers about how to attract and nurture customers. Make it the starting toolkit for your marketing team.
  • Cases Studies - Infographics and eBooks are great free resources but you may now be wondering how the inbound marketing methodology can work for your team. HubSpot’s collection of case studies allows you to browse by company size, industry, problem at hand, etc. You’ll get real information about results achieved by users of HubSpot.
  • 9 Excel Templates to Make Marketing Easier - Ah, Excel. Love it or hate it, it sure can make the complicated aspects of marketing simpler. HubSpot’s giving away 9 free templates that work for budgeting, planning your blog editorial calendar, utilizing on page SEO and more. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Free Stock Photos - Free stock photos? Say it with me…hallelujah! This resource is a major time saver. The photos are royalty free and selected with the marketing professional in mind. 

Train Your Team

It’s time to go back to school, HubSpot style. The following resources will help you get your team up to speed. The best part about these resources, they're free!

  • Inbound Certification - This certification is free for all. The course features fun, short videos and practices. Once you pass the test, you and your marketing team will have shiny, new certifications to proclaim your skills.
  • User guides - Maybe you’re all trained up but looking to put a specific skill to use. If you want in-depth knowledge, head to the user guides. You’ll find everything you need to know to make Call to Actions or any other inbound marketing technique work for you.
  • HubSpot on Youtube - Just like the ones you watched in the certification program, these videos are loaded with information that can be easy applied and shared with your employees.
  • Inbound Marketers LinkedIn Group - Encourage your employees to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals and keep up-to-date with the company’s latest LinkedIn articles.
  • Marketing Grader - Eager to see if your website is up to snuff? Get your marketing grade from the HubSpot academy and pointers on how to improve.


The HubSpot blog is more than a blog. It’s chock full of infographics, detailed analysis and real world examples to make their methods come to life. Here’s five you just can’t miss.

  • Create Detailed Buyer Personas - By now, you know buyer personas are essential to getting and keeping customers. Creating them requires real research and analysis. This post details the process while providing a free template to get things started.
  • Creating KPIs - Got business goals? You’ll need KPIs, or key performance indicators. Skip the headache and go straight to this blog to create metrics that measure your success.
  • Create Collaborative Workplace - Departmental meetings and goals are crucial but collaboration between groups is what really greases the wheels of a business. Foster that open communication through the tips provided in this post.
  • Optimize Website for Lead Generation - Encouraging good, qualified leads requires a well-thought-out, optimized website. Here, you’ll learn how to get yours up-to-date in a flash.
  • 10 Tips for Getting Long-Term Traffic - This one is hot off the press. Blog posts don’t have to be a onetime deal. Discover how to create evergreen content, optimize it for sharing and come up with an outreach strategy.

Here’s a bonus HubSpot resource to personalize HubSpot techniques for your business. Join a local group to exchange ideas and discuss how to best implement the methodology for your unique customer market. 

And finally, here's one of our freebies. Click below so we can get started on your free marketing assessment. By utilizing HubSpot's resources and allowing us the opportunity to assess your current marketing practices, you can transform your strategy from marketing to marketing magic!

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Leah Faul

Leah has a passion for marketing, design, and business development. She harnessed her creativity as an intern at various marketing firms while attending Memphis College of Art on a merit based scholarship. No stranger to wearing multiple hats or managing a variety of projects, Leah has spearheaded growth at previous companies to impressive heights while serving as Marketing Director and resident SEO expert. Leah frequents marketing conferences such as Hubspot’s Inbound, MozCon, and Digital Summit where she can tease out cutting edge digital marketing strategies for clients. Joining the team in 2015, Leah brings a creative, refined approach to learning client needs, delivering beyond expectation, and an unwavering desire to continue to grow and excel. Leah believes in thinking outside the box and spends a majority of her free time adding to her personal art portfolio. At work she uses that innovative approach to create, problem solve, and strategically position clients to dominate in their industry.