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Stealthseminar Case Study

33% Increase In New Monthly Customers 




Business Type

B2B SaaS Automated Webinar Platform

Services Inturact Provided

User Onboarding, SaaS Consulting, Demand Generation, Inbound Marketing, Web Design & Development, SEO

Technology Mix

Intercom, Appcues, InnerTrends, WordPress

The Challenge

Successfully Change Acquisition Models

Having achieved approximately 1700 paying customers with an outdated product and acquisition model that requires a payment up front shows how valuable the StealthSeminar product is to its customers. However, they were working on a completely updated product and by running a few numbers we knew that we could acquire and retain customers at a much higher rate by moving to an optimized free trial acquisition model. 

Action Summary

The Key Actions Required for the Move

New Website

StealthSeminar came to Inturact looking to over double their customer base in 12 months. We knew that we would need to present the product with the right look and messaging to speak to their ideal customer and reflect the new product being, as well as, the new acquisition model.

User Onboarding Process

After reviewing the new product Inturact mapped out and implemented a strategic user onboarding process that incorporates triggered emails, in-app messages and a checklist to take the user through the product and shows its full value efficiently.

Customer Engagement Tracking

In order to understand what is and is not working within the new product and free trial customer acquisition model we utilized InnerTrends to track and analyze customer engagement with the product. From this we are able to pinpoint the highest growth opportunities.

The Results

Growth Breakdown After 9 Months


Increase in New
Monthly Customers


Free Trial to Customer
Onboarding Rate


After 9 months StealthSeminar had a new product, new website and new acquisition model that increased their monthly opportunities and converted in 33% more new customers each month.