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Building The Foundations For Self-Serve PLG Onboarding


Improve your self-serve PLG free trial or freemium onboarding with our proven SaaS user onboarding framework, we’ll plan, build, track and implement an effective onboarding funnel that will increase paid customer conversions.

User Onboarding Setup From The Ground Up

A Complete Build with Strategy, Tracking & Implementation

Get a team of SaaS onboarding experts to lay the foundation for your entire onboarding experience.


Starting at $15,000
Define your customer journey map & onboarding steps
Strategy for new communication flows
Copy & design for all new emails, including your welcome, activation and upgrade sequences
Unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy
Complete implementation & installation into your email platforms
Hand-held tracking setup with data validation and a complete installation guide for your engineering team to implement
Delivery within 2 months

For products that have little or no user onboarding in place and need help building out their onboarding foundation.

Looking to Optimize?

Want to Optimize Your Current User Onboarding Instead?

Hire Inturact to be your fractional User Onboarding team.
After only 7 months, Hellopeter implemented a new user onboarding process, based on our frameworks, resulting in a 79% increase in successful activation with a steady growth in paid upgrades to premium subscriptions.

You may need to build your user onboarding if...

  • You don’t have any onboarding
  • Your users require a lot of hand holding to see value in your product
  • You aren’t sure if its working
  • Your churn is increasing monthly
  • You want more users to upgrade
  • Your users don't ever see (or use) core features
  • Your users sign up, login once and never come back
  • Your users often ask how to do simple things in your product
Start Better Onboarding

What will you get?

Working with Inturact will insure you get a high converting onboarding process, fully implemented into your SaaS, while freeing up you and your team’s time to focus on the many other important items on your plate.

Onboarding, Done-For-You
Onboarding, Done-For-You

Our team will do everything to setup, track and implement your onboarding process outside of anything involving the code of your product

Audit A complete review of your current user onboarding and breakdown of issues and suggestions for implementation
Onboarding Strategy
Onboarding Strategy

Dedicated onboarding team that will work directly with you throughout the process

Onboarding Mapping
Onboarding Mapping

We’ll map out your entire user onboarding process

Event & Funnel Tracking
Event & Funnel Tracking

Identify actionable metrics, triggers, funnels and events to track

Onboarding Tools setup
Onboarding Tools setup

Including but not limited to, Intercom, Appcues, UserGuiding, Amplitude, Segment etc.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Write all your onboarding emails, in-app messages and walkthroughs


Build step by step walkthroughs that will lead users to have success

Checklist Creation
Checklist Creation

Create a checklist for new users to accomplish upon entering your product.


Build Your User Onboarding

Get going with Inturact's all-encompassing onboarding service.
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Our Proven 4-Step Process:

This is our proven 4-step process for creating a successful user onboarding funnel that will attract qualified users, convert them to paying customers, and keep them happy.

Strategize & Plan
Build & Implement
Test & Launch
Review & Optimize

Strategize & Plan

First, we’ll develop an onboarding strategy based around your ideal customer and their unique pains, frustrations and motivations. Items include:

  • Review current product positioning
  • Review interviews with your customers
  • Identify the onboarded state and AHA moment for your customer
  • Discover what actionable metrics need to be tracked
  • Map out your current onboarding flow to identify roadblocks
  • Designate all needed tools to create and track the process
  • Map out trigger-based onboarding flow
  • Create onboarding design visualizations
  • Identifying the core actions users need to take to quickly get them to their AHA moment

Build & Implement

Next, we’ll create your new onboarding funnel and content. This includes:

  • Email copywriting for all sequences, including:
  • Onboarding Sequence - From trial to AHA moment
  • Sales Sequence - From AHA moment to paying user
  • Upgrade Sequence - From paying user to higher plan
  • Retention Sequence - Keep users happy and paying
  • Content creation for in-app message triggers and walkthroughs
  • Build in-app walkthroughs for all key actions users need to take (if applicable)
  • Setup Tools. ie Google Tag Manager, Segment, Amplitude, Intercom and App Cues (or equivalents)
  • Setup triggers so messages can be sent based on user activity
  • Setup analytics and tracking so you can see how well your onboarding funnel is converting

Test & Launch

After the content is created, we’ll implement it into your product. Note: Any items requiring access to your product code we will work directly with your dev team to implement.

  • Test Tools and make sure everything is installed properly
  • Make sure data is passing properly
  • Make sure emails and messages are triggering accurately
  • Test walkthroughs are firing properly
  • Test Analytics are setup and working accurately
  • Make sure all links are working and tracked
  • Make complete user onboarding process live

Improve & Optimize

After your onboarding funnel is setup, we’ll review and optimize it.

  • Monthly performance review of all flows, content and triggers
  • Weekly review of funnel performance to make sure conversions continue to improve
  • Suggest and implement changes to the onboarding process to increase conversions based on insights
  • Onboarding never stops. Continue the 4-Step process and always work towards better conversions

"What we loved the most about Inturact was the structure of everything they did...Everything generated results exactly as expected. So it's no wonder that during the time we worked together we had the biggest growth rate ever."

Claudiu Murariu Founder
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