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Hellopeter Case Study

77% Increase In Onboarded Users In 7 Months




Business Type

Online reviews for small businesses in South Africa

Services Inturact Provided

User onboarding optimization, Sales enablement, SaaS opportunity tracking

Technology Mix

HubSpot, Intercom, InnerTrends, DataBox

The Challenge

Unsure how to guide & activate users to upgrade

Leadership had a hunch that their users, based in South Africa, were resistant to trusting an online review platform. There was no tracking in place to understand how to better convert new customers nor a process in place to guide users to understand the value of Hellopeter. Users had no clear path to upgrade. As a result, Hellopeter was unable to make data-backed decisions about how to optimize growth.


Trevor is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is so full of knowledge when it comes to helping decide what is best for our companies digital marketing needs. In addition to that, he is always quick to respond, offers additional support and shares all of his incredible resources with us! Highly recommend lnturact for any SaaS company looking to grow their presence.

Alon RomCEO, Hellopeter
Action Summary

The Key Actions Required for the Move

Establish Strategy We built the foundation for the user onboarding strategy by first identifying the ideal customers and their key pain points, frustrations and motivations. What were the 5-7 steps needed to get someone to that 'aha' moment where they realize the value of the promise.  We identified the actions to track inside the app, as well as implementing the tools to measure and improve the onboarding funnel.  
Build Onboarding Process We developed and setup the emails, in-app messages and in-app walkthroughs necessary to make customers reach that 'aha' moment. Additionally, we created an onboarding analytics audit and implemented tracking. From there we set up dashboards to visualize the funnel to show what parts of the onboarding were working, and which parts needed product or process improvements.  
Optimization A circular process we ran until the user onboarding funnel reached our specified goals, such as: Higher conversions, Decrease churn, Increased revenue and profits, Lowered CAC, Increased LTV and Increased ARPU.  
The Results

Growth Breakdown After 7 Months

79% New Onboarded Users Conversion Rate Increase
50% Free Sign up to paid Conversion Rate Increase
47% Engagement rate increase (replied to 2nd review)

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 4.04.29 PM-1

After only 7 months of working with Inturact, Hellopeter implemented a new user onboarding process resulting in a 79% increase in successful activation with a steady growth in paid upgrades to premium subscriptions.