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Charlie Hedgepeth7/23/15 11:16 AM3 min read

Hubspot COS vs Joomla!


Joomla is a great CMS. It’s very powerful, and most web developers can accomplish almost anything they need to in it. While we appreciate Joomla and it's features, we are really digging the Hubspot COS and this is why: HubSpot’s Content Optimization System is much more versatile, more powerful, and easier for any level of developer. Let us explain.

Smart Content:

For starters, integration is the biggest strength for HubSpot's COS. (Click to Tweet!) Even the most avid Joomla enthusiasts recognize HubSpot’s strengths in lead generation, organization, and guiding users through their buying journey. HubSpot’s COS has integration built-in. A large advantage of this comes with the ability to use HubSpot’s Smart Content. With the COS you have access to:

  • Know who is looking at your page
  • Know where they are in their buyer's journey
  • Offer them a more customized message

Users like fresh content that’s relevant to them. Having the ability to send your site visitors a customized message that addresses their pain points and helps them along their journey is a definite strength to have in digital marketing. A message so tailored is available thanks to the HubSpot COS. 

Email and Design Templates:

It just makes sense to keep everything together. Your email newsletters and your web pages should have themes in common to help your branding. Your logo, color schemes, and even company information is all pulled from the same files when you use the HubSpot COS, ensuring consistency.

You could design a beautiful site using Joomla; having all your web pages draw from one file within Joomla, and be consistent throughout your landing pages but chances are you’re using another service such as MailChimp for your newsletters. Both services are strong, but they are separate so there are more chances to make a marketing mistake.

HubSpot consolidates the logos you can use, lets you label accent colors and keeps your company’s information updated in one centralized location. In short, you can pull any of your branding from one place across your whole account. (Click to Tweet!)

HubSpot's design template is also very easy to use and very versatile. It’s based on a 12 column grid, unlike Bootstrap. It has many preset modules and customizable modules that can easily be resized and rearranged, without digging into rigid code. (Click to Tweet!) Joomla allows for turning modules on and off, but HubSpot ’s COS allows for a more fluid experience. You can easily place and resize modules without any coding knowledge necessary. If you can see general proportions, you can easily give modules desired size. Grouping specific modules together also allows you to visually keep track of your template. The COS’s visual elements make it very easy to design, by just dragging and dropping and dragging to resize sections of your sites and email templates.

Marketplace Support:

Joomla’s community and marketplace are strengths of the CMS. HubSpot has this same support behind it. Just as with Joomla, HubSpot has a strong community that is very passionate about everything HubSpot. If you do run into any problems, you can easily get into a place to find solutions and forums of people who have experienced a similar issue and solved it. HubSpot's marketplace offers templates, just like many of Joomla’s marketplaces.

In regards to integration, the marketplace for HubSpot not only helps you with designing a template but maximizing HubSpot as a tool. (Click to Tweet!) There are also many inbound marketing firms that can help you accomplish general marketing goals (Psst.. Like us). When focusing on the comparison of HubSpot's marketplace vs Joomla’s marketplace, HubSpot has everything Joomla can offer and more.


The HubSpot COS is built to be responsive. (Click to Tweet!) It’s already built in. Joomla also has responsive design ability and many templates come responsive ready. But since you have to tweak the actual code, it can break very easily. In HubSpot, you don’t mess with the code itself, so it’s much harder to break.

While both Joomla and the HubSpot COS are great services to manage your website, our team has a soft spot for the COS. Contact us today to see what the HubSpot COS may have in store for your online presence. 

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