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How SaaS companies can use google ads?
Fahim Muntasir7/18/22 2:32 AM11 min read

How SaaS Companies Should Be Using Google Ads? (Comprehensive Guide 2023)


A well-organized promotional strategy is highly effective for your SaaS company.

But which platform is appropriate for the promotion of your SaaS products?

No doubt that Google Ads is the best platform for product advertisement.

Why would you choose Google?

Because Google has 92.48 % of search engine market shares all over the world. So there is a huge chance to reach maximum numbers of target customers with Google Ads.

Also, when you add your website data on Google, you need to follow some essential techniques to boost your ad performance.

So, we will discuss some major benefits of Google Ads along with some important tactics to maximize your SaaS business revenue with the help of Google Ads.

Are you excited to deep dive into that?

Ok, let's go!

What are Google Ads?

Today we live in a world where more and more businesses are trying to reach their target customer's attention. It has become increasingly difficult to find the time, or space, to spend with everyone and everything we want to see and do.

The old model of advertising, where you'd find a spot on the bus or on the side of a building, no longer works. Today you have to be online and in front of your phone or computer to get seen by potential customers.

Have you ever wondered how to advertise on Google? Or how to use Google Ads, the platform that lets you advertise on Google?

Well, Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords, is an online advertising platform. It’s a way for businesses to show ads to people who are searching for a product or service or who are on a website that fits their demographic or other targeting criteria.

Businesses can set up, manage, and optimize their ads, which can include text, images, and video. They can also target their ads to people in a specific location or demographic or on specific websites or apps.

Why are Google Ads important for SaaS businesses?


Software as a service(SaaS) is a business where the company hosts multiple software and provides them to the customers. SaaS companies host software for various purposes such as project management, data management, customer resource management, marketing automation, communication, etc.

There are multiple SaaS companies available on digital business platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

But as a SaaS owner, you need to promote your products to the target customers. Without proper promotion, you will never get to connect with the target customers for your products.

Google is the best place for advertising your SaaS products. Because Google analytical data says, 75% of people use Google products such as YouTube, Search, and Maps before purchasing products.

For this reason, you must add your websites and software information to Google Ads. Because huge numbers of people use the Google search engine every day. If you successfully promote your SaaS product, they will easily get that from the search result.

Some Important Reasons for Using Google Ads

  • Enhancement in ROI

The Return on Investment, or ROI, is an important number in the software as a service industry. It’s used to determine the profitability of a given system, and as such, it’s one of the most important metrics when it comes to evaluating SaaS companies.

The basic formula for ROI is to find the difference between the cost of the product and the revenue, divided by the cost of the product. This percentage is then multiplied by the number of users you want to acquire to find your return on investment.

To ensure that you are accurately measuring your ROI and getting the most value out of your SaaS investments, it is important to integrate Google Analytics with Salesforce or Zoho CRM. This will allow you to bring your CRM closed deals data into Google Analytics to see what’s driving revenue.

With Google Ads, you can achieve higher ROI and better results. Google Ads provides a better return on investment than traditional online advertising, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to generate more revenue.

  • Improve Website Conversion Rate

SaaS company conversion rates are significant because they help businesses understand customers' value when they subscribe to a SaaS product. 

Google Ads are one of the best ways to improve your SaaS product ad performance. If you’re having trouble getting a high enough click-through rate (CTR) to maximize your spending, you might want to investigate changing your ad text or adding a new image. 

The best way to find out what makes a difference is to test. Try different text, image, and background color combinations to find out what works best for your brand and audience.

So Google Ads will help boost your SaaS company's conversion rates.

  • Creates Brand Value

SaaS company brand value is the desirability that a brand has in the marketplace. It is attained by creating a unique identity, and emotionally engaging message, and a value proposition that resonates with consumers. 

To do that, brand managers look to build a strong association between their brand and the emotional meaning that consumers derive from the brand.

Your SaaS company needs a long-term plan to build its brands with compelling ads. With Google Ads, you can create ads that are relevant to your target audience and drive action. 

By creating ads that generate interest and engage your audience, you can increase your chances of capturing important leads and customers.

So it creates proper customer and owner relationships, which helps you to build successful brand value.

  • Higher SEO Ranking

SaaS companies use the software as a service to deliver tailored solutions to small businesses. They use software to automate processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. 

Because they don't need to buy a physical office or employ a large team of employees, they can deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost. 

But to get the highest possible search engine rankings, SaaS companies need to invest in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). So that it's easy for people to find when they search online.

Google Ads will be very beneficial to improving the SEO ranking of your SaaS company.

Because Google Ads is an advertising platform that lets businesses reach customers in a variety of ways, including by appearing in search results. 

It improves your SEO ranking by generating more organic traffic from the web. This means that when someone performs a search query on Google, the organic listings on the first page of the search results appear above the ads. So Google Ads improves your SEO ranking.

  • Increase Product Visibility

Visibility in Google Ads is one of the most important digital advertising strategies.

It’s also one of the best ways to get your products seen by a more targeted audience.

Visibility in Google Ads is a valuable asset that every brand should be managing.

When integrated effectively, product visibility in Google Ads can lead to more sales, higher revenues, and higher customer satisfaction for your SaaS company.

We recommend using tailored Google Ads, which will better target the type of ads you want to show, which also allows you to serve yourself better.

For example, if you’re a small business specializing in power tool sales and want to show targeted ads for your business, aimed at reaching users in a specific geography, you can set your target location accordingly. Additionally, you have the option to narrow down your audience further by selecting users within a specific age range or with a particular gender. 

Some Effective Strategies for Google Ads in SaaS Business

With the help of Google Ads, you can easily boost your product sales in SaaS Business. But you need to know how to use Google Ads properly for the promotion.

In this section, we are going to discuss some powerful ad strategies to boost your sales more rapidly.

So let's jump to that!

Choose Campaign Goals

For the overall growth of your SaaS company, you need to generate a proper marketing strategy based on your goals. Without an appropriate strategy, your company will never grow as much as you want.

In Google Ads, you can run campaigns based on specific goals such as sales, leads, web traffic, brand awareness, etc. These are the important factors for your business.

Suppose you launch a new app for marketing automation. Now you can create Google Ads campaigns for the promotion of your new product.

You may think about how you can customize campaign goals. Well, Google will help you to solve this problem. Because you can add or remove your campaign goals whenever you want.

One of the best campaign goals of Google Ads is “app promotion.” Nowadays, most people use smartphones all over the world. So developing smartphone apps  can help you reach maximum numbers of customers.

You can easily set up campaign goals specifically for mobile app promotion with the help of Google Ads. With the help of an app campaign, you can promote your mobile app on multiple platforms such as Google search, YouTube, Google Play ,etc. 

Proper Use of Keywords

It's very tough to connect with the right customers in this competitive world of digital business. 

There are multiple types of companies that run businesses all over the world. So if you want to improve the visibility of the products of your SaaS company, you must have an idea about keywords.

Research on keywords is a very essential part of any SaaS business. Because when customers need any product or software, they search for it on multiple search engines with some specific search intent.

Those search intents are called keywords. So if you don't optimize keywords appropriately in your Google Ads, customers will never be able to find your software. You can easily sell your software services to target customers only when your users reach you following their search, right?

But how can you find suitable search keywords for your Google Ads?

No worries!

Because Google has a well-developed and advanced tool to find the best keywords for your company. The tool is called Keyword Planner. This tool will help you to find the most relevant keywords for your business with expanded keyword research.

So if you utilize the keywords, your software ads will show in the first few results of the Google search results. It impacts the overall growth of your SaaS company. 

Create Multiple Video Ad Campaigns

Nowadays, the majority of the population is attracted to multiple types of videos on the internet. So obviously, video ads also work very well in online marketing strategy.

For better customer intentions, you must implement multiple video ad campaigns. Google Ads will promote your video ads on Youtube. You will be able to run different ads on YouTube, thus making it possible to boost your brand.

Where YouTube is the most widely used video-sharing and social media platform all over the internet. More than 2 billion users log in to YouTube every month. People search for multiple tech solutions on YouTube every day.

As a SaaS business owner, you must create video ad campaigns. It will help you to connect with the maximum number of customers. You can easily generate short videos about your software features and benefits.

Also, Google Ads has tools like Reach Planner. This tool will help you generate proper brand planning and media strategy, especially for YouTube, to reach appropriate customers for your company.

Focus on Landing Page Design

As an online SaaS business owner, you need to focus on the proper development of your landing page. Because your landing page creates the first impression about your business and products.

You advertise your developed software links on multiple social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. When your target customers search on Google about your software with relevant keywords, Google ads display your website's landing page links on the search results.As a result,customers will enter your website landing page through the Google Ads links. 

But, your customers will leave your website if they don’t find your landing page interactive and helpful enough for them to make the transaction. 

Some common problems customers face on the landing page include slow loading, misinformation, uncategorized options, error, etc.

On the landing page, you need to provide accurate information about your software and services. So that customers trust your company and purchase software from your company.

So a proper landing page significantly affects the overall performance of your Google Ads which impacts the sales of the SaaS business.

Research on Competitors

Competitor analysis is very essential for any type of business, whether that is a SaaS business or other digital business.

Before promoting your products on Google Ads, you must do a competitive analysis about how your competitors advertise and  succeed in their promotion.

It will help get the idea that your industry has potential for Google Ads. Also, Google Ads has powerful features like “auctions insights.” With the help of these features, you can easily get information about your competitors who are using the same keywords as you.

When you successfully do competitor research, you can implement a proper campaign strategy for your Google Ads promotion. Because analytical data will give you a proper understanding of your relevant marketplace.

There are also other tools available for your competitors' analysis of your SaaS business, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.

Also, from the research, you will get insights about competitors’ developed software and their acceptance by the audiences.


For the overall growth of your SaaS company, you need to follow a proper marketing strategy to promote your products to the customers.

We all know that Google is the biggest search engine platform where people try to find necessary information about multiple things. So, you have to add your products data on Google Ads for the best promotional value.

In this article, we have discussed how you can use Google Ads for your SaaS company. We hope that it will help you to get more conversions from Google Ads.

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