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Rachel Ergo

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Why Hire a Marketing Agency When You Could Bring Everything In-House?

Posted by Rachel Ergo

5/8/14 11:59 AM

Inturact is a Marketing Agency, and the only houses we work in are our own (and sometimes Nikki’s). However, many people on our team (myself included) have experienced marketing from both sides of the table. While both have their unique challenges and advantages, the fast-paced and results-focused agency life is most certainly where I want to be. But our clients struggle with this question a lot, so we thought we should provide a comparison from our experience on the pros and cons of hiring a marketing agency versus building everything in-house. BTW: If you're a fan of AMC's Mad Men, an episode a few weeks back did a nice job addressing the theme.

Pros of building an in-house marketing team

  1. Your own in-house marketing team works for you 9-5 p.m., full time. They are at your beck and call whenever you need a blog post, a banner ad, a website update, a social media Tweet-out, and when your boss has questions you can’t answer about your ROI, CTR, CRO, SEO, and all those other three letter words.
  2. Your own in-house marketing team knows your company and products backwards and forwards, because that’s all they do.
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Topics: Online Marketing Agencies

This Insane Headline is 1 of 6 Takeaways from a KISSmetrics Webinar

Posted by Rachel Ergo

3/20/14 4:10 PM

Last week, the Inturact team spent our lunch-and-learn on a webinar presented by KISSmetrics on "Growing Your Business With Inbound Marketing." The event was a brilliant introduction to one of our all-time, most favorite activities: Growing businesses online. But those KISSmetrics peeps have a way with words, so in addition to the elements of a great headline, we’d like to share 5 quotes and summaries that made our list of top take aways with you.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

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