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Moving SEO into an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Everyone understands that SEO is important, but few people understand what SEO really entails – and frankly, many would rather not know. But we believe that educating our clients is just as important as creating a holistic new media marketing plan that gets their websites, services and products noticed.

Ultimately, Search Engine Optimization is a very general term for doing what it takes to elevate your business in search engine results and optimizing the site's web standards. As the search engine algorithms change their criteria for who gets top billing, our strategies change with them, and our SEO engineers, web developers and designers are constantly educating themselves to stay on top of Panda, Penguin, and any other critters that crawl out of the Googleplex.


Using white hat optimization techniques – wait, let’s ditch the industry jargon – using old-fashioned high quality writing, eye-catching visuals, compelling content, social media engagement, and back-end work (the technical bits users don’t see), we focus on making your website into a resource that benefits the user. You’ve heard the term “user friendly,” but to succeed in today’s online world, you have to connect with your users and help them meet their goals, so you can meet yours. When your users love you (and share you), search engines reward you with higher rankings. In fact, you might say modern-day SEO is the internet’s version of karma. Good things happen to good websites.

Not to get all metaphysical on you! Because really, we’re all here to make money, right? At Inturact, we are data-driven and work to achieve real, quantifiable results that you’ll see in increased conversion rates: anything from sales, to downloads, to increased page views and more time spent on your site. After all, it doesn’t matter if your site ranks at the top if your traffic isn’t converting. But we also believe that doing well is intrinsically linked to doing good work.

As search engines become smarter, there is less of a need for the traditional SEO approach and companies will require a more content driven fully integrated marketing approach.

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What we do:

  • Develop a full marketing strategy that includes web standards in Search Engine Optimization
  • Our SEO engineers, web developers and designers work together to provide a seamless approach to managing our clients’ entire online presence
  • Develop a full topical content calendar for implementation
  • White hat approach to on-page and off-page optimization, using quality content informed by keyword research and analysis
  • Focus on creating a positive user experience
  • Work with you to define your target audience and objectives
  • Connect you with your audience efficiently, meeting them where they are
  • Strategize multi-platform methods to turn traffic into conversions
  • Give you tangible returns on your investment (ROI)

Let’s talk about Return On Investment. It’s what every client wants from their search optimization agency, so we think it’s amazing that many agencies fail to report on what their clients really care about. After our initial consultation in which we discuss your goals for your marketing strategy. Then we’ll create an ROI dashboard that will show you the growth of the program and includes all revenue numbers, in and out.

Contact us today to find out how we can develop your integrated marketing strategy – and increase your business revenue!

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“Besides having a keen understanding of how business works on the Internet, Nichole is witty and a pleasure to work with. She is multifaceted and succeeds at anything she puts her mind to. She will continue to accomplish great things in her career.”
- Pedro Sostre (CEO, WebLift, Author of Web Analytics for Dummies)

“As a web content writer, I work with a lot of SEO companies, and Nichole is by far the most knowledgeable and most professional. In fact, I like her work so much that we’ve partnered on several projects since we first worked together for a common client. She is absolutely on top of the never ending changes to SEO and always has the next great idea for how to improve website rankings. I’ve recommended her services to several clients.”
- Lauren Van Mullem (Copywriter)

“[Derek is] an exceptionally talented SEO, and in terms of knowledge, probably one of the brightest I’ve ever worked with.”
- Maya Joshi (Marketing Director, iSearchMedia, San Francisco)

“Derek is an extremely creative person. His creativity bridges from his many extracurricular activities to his unique ability to solve complex problems. His mastery of prose and the English language is very uncommon in engineering circles and is a tremendous asset to anyone’s team.”
- Jesse Baynard (CTO, SiteWit, Tampa)

“The partnership that we have developed with Nikki at Inturact is probably one of the best marketing decisions we made in 2012. Quality communication is the highest priority and I am never let down. Nikki is quick to respond via e-mail or phone and her insight and recommendations are always taken with the highest regard. I would highly recommend any company to utilize Inturact and their competent team.”
- Tom Addoms (Director of Sales & Marketing, FreeStyle Cruiser)

“Nichole was a phenomenal boss. Before she hired me at Inturact, I had very limited knowledge in the fields of SEO and SMO. Through her patience, tutelage, and years of experience I walked a way with a solid foundation and the confidence to continue my explorations and career in Los Angeles. She knows her craft well, but isn’t too proud to keep learning. She goes above and beyond for her clients and does everything in her power to get them the results the want – if not better! She is a brave and empowering woman, and will always be a role model to me.”
- Yvonne Bell (Agency Assistant, Collier.Simon)

“I highly recommend Nichole for Web publishing and Internet marketing work. She is highly skilled in SEO and Web design, and is a great person to work with.”
- Josh Cohen (SEO Engineer)

“Nichole is a highly motivated and capable SEO. Her academic background reflects her motivation and willingness to be a leader. As my manager, Nichole was always easy to approach and willing to cooperate to seek the best solution. She was easy to work under – her judgment, both professional and personal, is guided by a blend of intellect and practicality. More importantly, Nichole is a very sincere, humble person, making her a great team member (and friend). I expect that I will continue to witness her accomplish bigger and better things.”
- Derek Clark (SEO Engineer)

“Nichole was a professional and considerate manager. While working in the trenches with our team, she understood the difficulties of tasks and distributed work evenly and with understanding of our individual strengths. She constantly put in more effort than was needed, and her work was an example to those under her.”
- Michael Cohen (SEO Engineer, Home Shopping Network)


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