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Leverage Our Expertise to Streamline Your Onboarding & Boost User Engagement


Get a Comprehensive Review of Your Product's Onboarding Experience to Prioritize Issues & Drive User Adoption and Retention

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Audit Details

Get a user onboarding audit each month, quarter or year with our unlimited audits subscription.
Expert 30-40 Minute Video Analysis
Actionable, Expert Recommendations
Find out what's slowing down the first 10 minutes of the user journey
Get tips to enhance your welcome and onboarding emails
Learn quick website optimizations for better trial conversions

Our Process

Here is what to expect when you order our audit service:
1. Order Your Review
2. Map Customer Journey
3. Live Video Recording
4. Audit Delivery & Suggestions

What's Inside an Audit?

A customer focused, value-driven onboarding funnel affects more than just trial to paid conversions - it's the foundation for a scalable and profitable SaaS business.
Video Analysis  
Issues Identified  
Suggested Improvements  
Never Lose Your Progress

Your Audits - All in one place

You are provided with a personal hub to:

  • View your new audits
  • Review your past audits
  • Request new onboarding audits
  • View your strategic framework
  • See your customer journey map
We Made it EASY

Audit Requests, Simplified

Requesting a new onboarding audit is simple. Just click on "Request Your Next Audit" in your personal portal, and fill out a new audit request.


Did we mention health checks?

That is correct! Once your audit is complete we give you up to 3 additional onboarding health checks to review your audit once improvements are made.
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4 Parts We Audit:

This is our proven 4-part review process for understanding your user onboarding pitfalls and making improvements.

Part 1


First, we’ll look at your website and make your value proposition is matching the promise of your business. We will review your home page, your pricing page and sign-up process.

  • Home Page Analysis
  • Pricing Page Analysis
  • Sign Up Page Analysis
Part 2


Next, we’ll sign up for your product and dive into the sign up flow and review our first run expectations and analyze your welcome emails.

  • Sign Up Flow Review
  • Segmentation Review
  • Time-To-Value Analysis
  • Experience Review
  • Welcome Emails
Part 3


After getting into the product we will review your product adoption levers and the reasons for users to return to your product. We will also review any feature bumper emails you may have in place.

Part 4


After we achieve experiencing the promise of your business for the first time we will review the clarity of the path to upgrade and any areas of friction.

Still Unsure?

You may need a user onboarding audit if...

  • You haven't looked at it in awhile
  • Your users require a lot of hand holding to see value in your product
  • You aren’t sure if its working
  • Your churn is increasing monthly
  • You want more users to upgrade
  • Your users don't ever see (or use) core features
  • Your users sign up, login once and never come back
  • Your users often ask how to do simple things in your product

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"We worked with the Inturact team on a SaaS audit, and it was extremely helpful. It helped us get a better idea of what areas we are doing well, lacking in, and what to focus on for the next six months. It gave us a game plan, what areas that we need to invest in, in order to boost our growth."

Miguel Marques Owner
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Tell us a bit about how Inturact can help and schedule a discovery call. We want to make sure we are aligned and clear about how we can best help with your SaaS onboarding needs!