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High-Touch Sales Driven Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

With our proven SaaS customer onboarding strategy, we’ll plan, build, track and implement an effective playbook that will help onboard your enterprise customers

SaaS Customer Onboarding Services

Your High-Touch Onboarding Solution

Get a team of SaaS onboarding experts to review your processes and build your optimal collaborative onboarding playbook.

Customer Onboarding

Full review of your current process
Custom onboarding strategy
Onboarding playbook build-out
Account engagement tracking
Starting at $30k

For products that offer a demo with an enterprise sales driven motion & require high-touch customer onboarding


What you will get

Get a strategy and playbook that helps you get your high-value customers to the promise of your product.

1. Audit

We start by laying the groundwork and understanding all aspects of your current customer onboarding process.

2. Strategy

We then take what we know from the current process, map it to our customer journey and fill the gaps and understand tasks needed between the customer and our cross-functional teams.

3. Onboarding Playbook We build your playbook that will give you a unified workspace to collaborate with your customer with a backend portal for your team to manage and a front-end portal for the customer to work through the tasks needed to onboard successfully.  

Get Better Onboarding

Get going with Inturact's all-encompassing onboarding service.
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Your Fractional Onboarding Team

Working with Inturact will insure you get a high converting customer onboarding process that empowers your sales team, while freeing up you and your team’s time to focus on the many other important items on your plate.

Dedicated Onboarding Team
Dedicated Onboarding Team

Dedicated customer onboarding team that has done it before and will work directly with you throughout the process

Onboarding Mapping
Onboarding Mapping

We’ll map out your entire user onboarding process

Playbook Creation
Playbook Creation

We build an interactive playbook that onboards your customers via tasks for them and your team

Event Tracking
Event Tracking

Identify actionable metrics, triggers, funnels and events to track

Onboarding Tools setup
Onboarding Tools setup

Setup all onboarding tools you will need, including Intercom, Amplitude, Segment, App cues and Google Tag Manager

Onboarding, Done-For-You
Onboarding, Done-For-You

Our team will do everything to setup, track and implement your onboarding process outside of anything involving the code of your product


You may need customer onboarding help if...

  • You sell enterprise plans
  • You offer a demo
  • You don’t have any onboarding
  • Your users require a lot of hand holding to see value in your product
  • Your customers are churning before giving your product a chance
  • Your users don't ever see (or use) core features
  • Your users sign up but don't do what is needed of them to be successful
  • Your new customers often ask how to do the same things over and over again

Start Better Onboarding

Our Proven 3-Phase Process:

Our proven process for creating successful high-touch customer onboarding with a unified playbook to collaborate with customers.

Strategize & Plan
Build & Implement
Test & Launch

Strategize & Plan

First, we’ll audit your current process and map out a personalized customer onboarding strategy. Items include:

  • Define your onboarding customer journey map
  • Identify the AHA moment for your customer
  • Discover what actionable metrics need to be tracked
  • Map out your current customer onboarding process to identify roadblocks
  • The best tool to create your collaborative onboarding playbook and track the process

Build & Implement

Next, we’ll create your new customer onboarding playbook and integrate it with your CRM. This includes:

  • Setup Tools
  • Build onboarding playbook
  • Setup intake forms
  • Setup CRM integrations
  • Setup analytics and tracking so you can see how well your onboarding funnel is converting

Test & Launch

After the playbook is created and hooked up to your CRM, we’ll do some test runs to make sure all is working as intended. 

  • Test Tools and make sure everything is installed properly
  • Make sure data is passing properly
  • Make sure emails and messages are triggering accurately
  • Test Analytics are setup and working accurately
  • Make sure customer and team tasks are working
  • Test all intake forms
  • Test all file uploads
  • Make sure all links are working and tracked
  • Make complete customer onboarding process live

“Since starting with Inturact, our number of leads, demos, and customers has steadily increased. They have brought a level of services that we could not have created ourselves. In summary, Inturact is our marketing department. We've been very pleased with them and plan to partner with them for a long time. "

Robert Davis President / CEO


Who is Customer Onboarding For?

If you offer a demo, enterprise product or have the need for a white glove onboarding experience then customer onboarding is for you.

What is an onboarding playbook?

When you have the need for a white glove onboarding experience an onboarding playbook will give you a unified workspace to collaborate with your customer with a backend portal for your team to manage and a front-end portal for the customer to work through the tasks needed to onboard successfully.

How long does the customer onboarding process take?

We aren't machines, angels or robots. But we strive to complete your entire order within the month. 

It takes us about a week to review your intake data and evaluate your current onboarding. It then takes about two weeks to draft the creative. Finally, after approvals, it's about a week to implement. 

How do you communicate with your clients during the customer onboarding process?

We use a project management tool called ClickUp. Once you sign in, you'll have access to a chat feature where your project manager and account manager will be able to communicate with you in real time. 

You'll also have two calls with us, a kick-off call and an approval call. 

We will also be available via email. 

What if I already have some customer onboarding processes in place - can you help me optimize them?

Yes. We will take a look at what you currently have and keep what is working well. 

Do you implement tracking? We work to implement tracking both within your onboarding playbook, so you can see bottlenecks, and post onboarding within your product so you can understand how engaged your customers are after being successfully onboarded on your product.
What technology stack do you work with?

As much as possible we try to remain technology agnostic. However, that's not to say we don't have opinions. 

For building your onboarding playbook we have a basic and advanced option depending upon your specific needs.

Our go-to product analytics and event tracking tool is InnerTrends. 


What is customer onboarding and why is it important for my SaaS business?

Customer onboarding is the process of showing an enterprise customer the value, or promise, of your product, usually post sale.

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Start Optimizing your User Onboarding

Tell us a bit about how Inturact can help and schedule a discovery call. We want to make sure we are aligned and clear about how we can best help with your SaaS onboarding needs!