User Experience (UX)

An Intuitive Approach – Backed by Analytics

When building websites, most SEO engineers tend to stuff keywords everywhere for the search engines, but we think that reads terribly. They’re creating pages for search engines – not users. At Inturact, we create pages for people; then we help the search engines find those pages. We write for humans, not robots.

An Intuitive Approach – Backed by Analytics

What you see, do, and feel when you’re clicking through your favorite website is summed up in: “User Experience.” Optimizing “UX” is pivotal to increasing your page views and conversions. That optimization requires a mix of psychology, technology, wordsmithing, graphic design, and what we like to call “mad problem-solving skills.”

Fortunately, the Interact team happens to have a background in psychology (no joke), years of experience in technology, expert wordsmiths, inspired graphic designers, and we have the market cornered on problem-solving. In fact, every service we provide is ultimately about improving and perfecting User Experience.

What does that mean? Well, let’s start with who your users are. Psychologists have broken down internet users into Four Temperaments:

Impulsive – These fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants types browse the web with credit cards in hand, but they have no patience. Make the purchasing steps clear, and you’ll make the sale. Confuse them, and they’ll move on. This is where User Experience makes all the difference!

Idealist – These are the guys and gals who read your reviews and testimonials, who check out your company bios, and who care about your core values. Personalize your About Us page, and they’ll stick around.

Aggressive – These Go-Getters are hard to sell because they never accept anything but the best, but they are also the best customers. Earn their loyalty, and they will preach your products to all.

Logical – These folks actually read the instructions manual – first. They have the patience to comb through all the information on your site, and on everyone else’s as they shop around for the best deal. What impresses them? Transparency. Tell it to them straight.

What we do:

  • We know people.
  • We know websites.
  • We make websites that work well with people – all kinds of people – so they can navigate intuitively.
  • Our websites combine computer science, graphics, text, industry research and in-depth analytics to measure exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  • Ultimately, we give the people what they want!


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