eztrackit Case Study

Increased Lead Quality by 144.28% While Saving Over 90% in Ad Spend




Business Type

B2B SaaS
(Package Tracking Software)

Services Inturact Provided

SaaS Consulting, Demand Generation, Inbound Marketing, Paid Marketing, Sales Optimization & Enablement, Web Design & Development, SEO

Technology Mix

HubSpot Marketing & CRM, Intercom, AskNicely, Segment

The Challenge

Increase Quality Leads & Reduce Ad Spending

EZTrackIt is a SaaS product offering inbound package tracking management for Corporate, Medical and Multi-family Housing Mailrooms. They have internal package tracking down to a tee, but generating quality leads for this product can get tricky. Before EZTrackIt came to Inturact they were getting plenty of leads per month, but many of them were lower quality leads looking to track their outbound package from Amazon, UPS, Ebay, FedEX, you get the idea. We needed to eliminate the lower quality consumer leads and get higher quality business leads to pass onto the sales team.

The new EZTrackIT website built by Inturact to support marketing efforts.


Action Summary

How Did We Do It?

Keywords & Buyer Personas

Before we established any new strategies we needed to know which types of potential leads to focus on for the new content. By working with EZTrackIt’s CEO and sales team, we created a list of buyer personas - descriptions of target clients we use to direct marketing efforts. From there, we also created a list of keywords to start building out the content calendar.

Revamp Adwords Campaigns

After reviewing their Google Adwords account, we noticed there were many generic keywords listed, which lead to excessive spending and low quality lead generation. After reworking the ad campaign in August, EZTrackIt’s total spend over the next 5 months (August - December) was $889.24 compared to the previous 5 months (February - July) at $9,198.80. This change catalyzed the beginning of the lead quality shift. However, we still needed to keep a close eye on the number of quality leads being generated since there was a drop in ad spend.

Set Up New Landing Pages

After mapping out EZTrackIt’s buyer personas and discovering the best keywords to direct our content marketing efforts, we began to build new landing pages for specific targeted audiences. Then we mapped any current campaigns or ads to the new landing pages, giving us a great start on filtering out the lower quality leads.

The Results

The Growth Breakdown After 6 Months


Increase in Lead Quality


($8309.56) Savings on Ad Spend Optimization

Inturact's efforts led to an increase of 144.28% in lead quality while saving $8309.56 on ad spend, and EZTrackIt was still able to see an increase in the amount of accepted leads.