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B2B SaaS Content Marketing

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Our Proven Process

After working with 100s of companies we have gathered many insights to come up with our content creation framework. This has proven to be most successful in organizing our content creation and understanding its overall performance.

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Results & Tracking

For each client Inturact builds a content performance dashboard that visually displays the results of each of your campaigns. We review and use this information to gather insights and create enhanced content strategies for following campaigns.


Benefits & Outcomes

Why SaaS Companies Need Content Marketing

Why Work with Us?

At Inturact, we understand SaaS and know marketing software products is different than a traditional business. We take into consideration SaaS marketing best practices throughout the entire content marketing journey. When focusing on converting on freemium accounts, free trials or demos we know the content marketing journey can be quite different then a traditional buyer’s journey.

Inturact stepped in and took over the blog. The content that they created was world-class and got us appreciation from our clients as well. There is now a consistent tone and messaging that works very well for our niche.
Neeta Dujari
Marketing Lead
Working with Inturact has been nothing but a positive experience. When hiring a specialized marketing team you are looking for a clearly defined process, a fresh approach and hard work.
Matt Chamberlain
VP of Growth
In a market full of headaches and bottom feeders Inturact was a breath of fresh air. We wasted so much time and money on low cost solutions that caused way more problems than they solved….The price was worth every penny and we will continue to receive an ROI for years to come.
Johnny Page
Head of Marketing

Working with Inturact has been a great experience. The team understands the technology well, and brings fantastic results. I've had a tremendous amount of help on creating content, designing the new website and dashboard, and the onboarding process.

Many startups don't have enough resources for marketing even though it is an important aspect of the business. I recommend working with Inturact when you are in that situation - they will help you growing and improving your marketing activities.

Sung Cho
VP of Growth and Strategy
Trevor is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is so full of knowledge when it comes to helping decide what is best for our companies digital marketing needs. In addition to that, he is always quick to respond, offers additional support and shares all of his incredible resources with us! Highly recommend Inturact for any SaaS company looking to grow their presence.
Lauren Gilbert
Customer Success Manager

What can you expect?

Calculate your potential ROI running consistent SaaS content marketing for 1 year.

This calculator is based on real customer data, as reported in the 2018 HubSpot ROI Report. The potential results are based on the average results seen by customers who are actively conducting inbound marketing activities. Your actual results may vary.


Pillar Content Campaign
- Quarterly -

$4,000 / Month
(3 Month Campaign)
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Smartly grow your organic search traffic and reduce your CAC with quality content marketing.

    • Complete Campaign Strategy: 
    • Ideal Customer & Persona Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Gap Analysis
    • Content Calendar
    • Subject Matter Research
    • Outlined Goals & Expectations
    • Pillar Content Campaign: 
    • Pillar Conversion Page
    • Downloadable Resource
    • 8 Blog Articles
    • Thank You Page
    • Team Members: 
    • Account Manager & Strategist
    • 1 Dedicated Writer
    • Designer
    • Front-End Developer


    • 5-Part Email Drip - $1250 / Campaign
    • Paid Promotion - Let's Talk
    • Need Something Else? Just Ask.

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