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Why SaaS Marketing is different. Choosing the right agency matters.

Why is SaaS Marketing Different?

SaaS Marketing is much more complex than traditional digital marketing and requires a unique understanding of how to be successful that only is acquired through many years of SaaS successes and failures. 

At Inturact we have over a decade of experience helping scale hundreds of companies in which we focus on optimizing what we call the SaaS Marketing Journey. It is important to fully understand how to take customers through the entire journey in order to truly grow a healthy SaaS business.

Engagement Overview

When working with Inturact all of our engagements include a 3-part approach with 5 setup stages.

The 3 part approach:

  1. Weekly Growth Calls with a Dedicated SaaS Expert
  2. Monthly Ongoing Marketing Efforts
  3. A Primary Focus Item (Biggest Area of Opportunity)

The 5 setup stages:

  1. Setting Baselines to Prep for Marketing
  2. Setting Up SaaS Metrics Tracking
  3. Initiate Ongoing Monthly Marketing
  4. Identify Opportunities
  5. Optimize Efforts & Scale

A Product-Led Growth Focus

We take a Product-Led approach to tracking and growth. Within the SaaS journey there are 5 primary SaaS growth pillars that we call Actionable Metrics: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention & Referral.

SaaS Actionable Metrics

We will help you identify and track the metrics that matter most to identify your greatest growth opportunities in order to make data-backed decisions for reaching your goals together.

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Getting Started

We'll set a 30 minute Discover Call to learn about your business, see if we are a good fit for one another, and establish a plan for improving your current marketing efforts. We help in setting attainable goals and creating a plan to reach them.

Then we go to work to kick SaaS together!


Why Work with Inturact?

Being able to leverage off Inturact’s deep knowledge and experience in executing SaaS growth has provided a springboard to accelerate our business. Their skill set is extremely diverse - offering a turn key solution to strategy, data, marketing, design, copy, technical and operational execution. Our team have thoroughly enjoyed working with Trevor, Joshua and the rest of the team. We have grown immensely during our time together and look forward to continuing the journey.

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Inturact has developed The SaaS Marketing Journey to outline all stages of the SaaS marketing funnel.
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