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Track, Identify & Solve Your Biggest Growth Opportunity

Our Managed SaaS Growth Analytics service includes a Data Expert & Growth Expert to help you get the most out of your data.

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Pinpoint Growth Opportunities
Stop searching through all of your analytics to try to make sense of the data. With Managed SaaS Growth Analytics we will track and identify specific growth opportunities for you so that you can drive healthy growth faster while reducing the risk of failure.


Know your most effective SaaS growth levers.

Our team will help setup and identify the metrics that matter most to your particular SaaS business.

  • Acquisition

    Know how to drive higher quality leads

  • Activation

    Onboard users more effectively

  • Retention

    Increase engagement and reduce churn




Do any of these problems resonate with you?

Exclamation a

I'm spending too much to acquire customers

Get a clear understanding of the best channels to a acquire customers at the most effective price point.

Exclamation b

Not sure if we are tracking what is most important

Track the metrics that matter most for growing your specific business and identify your Northstar metric.

Exclamation b

My sign ups are not converting to customers

Understand how to show the value of your product to your potential customers so they upgrade.

Exclamation a

My sign ups are not converting to customers

Understand how to show the value of your product to your potential customers so they upgrade.

Exclamation a

My customers are not renewing their subscriptions

Get clear insights on making your product stickier so your customers use it for the long-term.

Exclamation b

Internal teams have siloed communication and goals

Align your team around simple growth goals that will help identify the most important strategies for growth and who is responsible.

What should you expect by engaging our Managed SaaS Growth Analytics team?

The Process

We work to set the baselines for tracking the most important metrics for growth and then we go to work together on monthly problem solving to identify the biggest opportunities and low hanging fruit.


So, how does it work?

Below are the details of each step within The Process and how we work with you through the managed setup and into the monthly problem solving to optimize your growth potential.



Identify Metrics

Identify Actionable Metrics & Business Concepts Definitions

We work to understand the details of your business, customers and product and then identify the most important metrics for growth

  • SaaS Actionable Metrics

  • Business Concepts Definitions

Setup Tracking

Setup & Implement Tracking within InnerTrends

  • Review application technology and discuss the approach for setting up the data tracking

  • Implement UX data tracking

  • Setup a one-day Hackathon to work with the dev team to properly implement tracking setup

  • Work through any data integrations



3 Step


Validate Data

Data Validation

Put in place processes for continuous data validation so data accuracy stays at all times as close as possible to 100%. Once this is achieved, data analytics can start.

Once this is achieved, data analytics can start.

Problem solving

Find the biggest growth opportunity

We go through the entire suite and rank all the problems in conversions from the first visit of a person to getting the user to pay. We identify the problem easiest to approach and with the highest impact.

A step




Problem solving

Convert problem into opportunity & identify the experiment

Dive deep within the data to formulate the first hypothesis on how to convert the problem into opportunity.

Establish the first experiment, using tools outside the product (email, guides, direct calls, etc).

Offer advice for implementing.

Problem solving

Review experiment

Measure the impact of experiment and validate the hypothesis.

Adjust experiment based on learning and redo it.

C step




Problem solving

Make marketing & product enhancements

Use the learnings from all the experiments to prepare the specs for product updates that will tackle the opportunity for the long term.

Problem solving

Review results and start over with Step 1

Determine the success of the new enhancements and decide to expend on the same test or determine a new growth opportunity.



What will you get?

It's like having an army of data scientists always by your side.

Everything tracked in your InnerTrends Dashboard

Your own Managed SaaS Growth Analytics Team

Claudiu Murariu

Data Analytics Expert CEO @ InnerTrends

Trevor Hatfield

SaaS Growth Expert CEO @ Inturact


Apply to work with Inturact & InnerTrends

We look forward to learning more about your business and helping you solve your biggest challenges for growth.